Friday, August 11, 2017

Looking for new friends on an APP?

So I tried the "Bumble BFF" app and a few people that I chose, chose me over the period of several days it was only 2 people. And I started an awkward conversation to them only to get silence so I deleted the freakin app.

But today I had a very nice morning meeting with a new friend who I have a lot in common with but I'm just finding out that she is a Republican by looking at her twitter? How come everyone I meet is a republican but I'm a hard core liberal? Is it what we resist persists?

I just want to make friends with people who put human rights over money.  Is that so freakin hard? Apparently so.

And I really like her.

Look at this - OMG so I'm looking for another app and right in it the app, the makers are all in love with Trump OMG - so annoying. But the app looks cool let's see if it works for me, being that it appears biased republican.