Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Can you find a friend with an app? I'm going to try Bumble BFF

I was looking online the other day to find if there was an app for finding new friends. Since I wrote my wah wah post the other day listing how I have lost basically all my friends. I have tons of acquaintances but when working from home I just don't keep up friendships unless it's a really good friend.  And those friends just haven't worked out.

So I download the Bumble BFF app on my phone and filled in on all my deal breaker issues and benefits (that I'm an artist and I like deep conversations). Then I swiped my way through the list of women only looking for a Friend.  If there was no description I swiped left (which means no) because I can't pick a friend based on looks and if they had a description that seemed similar or atleast open minded I swiped right. I probably swiped right on about 20 people. and now 3 days later I hear nothing back. It could be because the free version you aren't notified if someone swiped you, you just have to happen to swipe right too. This is my first experience with this type of app. I missed the whole Tinder thing.  But we will see. I'll post when something happens.

Here's a link about the app -