Sunday, July 30, 2017

My experience with a Naturopath. A year of feeling mostly better, but still a struggle.

Well I did get much much better after August 24, 2016 see this post where I honestly felt cured: .

Treating Vitamin D deficiency really helped, in fact, I'm still taking Vitamin D 3000mg per day.

By January 2017 I started to feel a little sick and fatigued again.

By March the random fatigue was getting stronger and I had been taking Metformin for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I had read that you can often have a Vitamin B12 deficiency with Metformin.  So I asked my endocrinologist and she said that only happens with years of taking Metformin. Before I got to that point I went to my primary internal medicine doctor and he said I wasn't getting more sick again, I was at my baseline. Boy that made me so mad. He was saying that I had been in remission during the time I felt better. Jerk.  But to humor me he got my Vitamin B12 level checked.  My Vitamin B12 levels ended up being just barely over the normal line. And my research found that many allopathic doctors go by a level of Vitamin B12 that is much lower than what your body really needs. I started taking Vitamin B12 in liquid form and felt better.

Because he is such an asshole I also made an appointment to see a naturopath doctor that was recommended to me.  But by the time I went to see her I was feeling fantastic again because I started on B12. Who knew B12 and Vitamin D were lifesavers? I think I had read here and there that B12 and D were important but I just never got the point that they are essential.

So I finally go to see the Naturopath a few months later and she started adding a bunch of supplements and saying I needed to get off my other medications yet at the same time she gave me like 10 new supplements. She was convinced I needed to get off my thyroid meds. Which I DID NOT DO. I'm not insane, jeez, I only have half a thyroid that stopped working in my 20's anyway.

After seeing her for about 4 weeks I started feeling sick again. I went into it trusting her but she ended up losing my confidence about 8 weeks in because it really felt like she just wanted me to buy supplements from her. She even told me I didn't need to take Vitamin D or Vitamin B12, based on her hunch, no blood tests, only her nutritional response testing which is pretty kooky and not scientific at all. She says it is elegant. WTF?

The initial estimate she gave me for treatment was that I would be paying $50 every 2 weeks, but she didn't include that at first she wanted me to come every week for about 6 weeks. Each week she wanted me to buy between $50 and $100 worth of vitamins. My credit card shot up maybe $600 or more. As she added more and more stuff I started feeling worse and until one day I just threw up. I had been trying to trust her advice but then when I spontaneously threw up I stopped trusting her.   Never in my life through 3 pregnancies have I ever had a weak stomach. With everything she was giving me I just started puking one day.  Her explanation was that my gallbladder was overwhelmed and cut my dosages in half. It did feel better again but I finally told her I couldn't see her anymore. I did continue taking a couple supplements she prescribed until they ran out, but not all of them.

After I stopped seeing her about 4 or 5 weeks ago I was doing fantastic. I started taking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar everyday along with Vitmin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, probiotic, and the papaya enzymes. Plus my prescriptions - 4 things, Levothyroxine - thyroid, Aspirin to prevent stroke, and 2 blood pressure meds - Losartan and Spirolactone.

Then 2 days ago the merry go round started again high blood pressure, fatigue, everything all messed up again. It could be as simple of a cold virus but who knows.

Sometimes I lose hope that I can ever live a normal life again, of being a successful filmmaker.  I know that sounds melodramatic but this has  been going on for so long it started 2007.  As soon as I think I'm normal and capable again something hits me, and I'm bed ridden or feel like it takes too much energy to lift my arms and walk.

I hope maybe my journey can help you if you are having CFS too.