Thursday, November 10, 2016

You might think I'm a Kook, I'll put it all out there, I'm a progressive liberal who also does autowriting,

I ask a question and listen for the answer. Today I ask: Dear God,  What do I do now, how should I go forward?

In times of despair, it is best to vet the circumstances. It would be a travesty to give up. You are a strong woman and an inspiring person. You can lead people but you must stay true to the identity of faith. You must learn that hope and faith are only a connection of spring. Meaning they are connected via the aqueduct of life, ebbing forth the holy stream of consciousness that comes forth for all. In the world, we must fight the good fight, but we must also learn to find kindness.

Anyway, that was auto-writing. I have not done that for awhile. I've been practicing my Course in Miracles but with all the stress of the new president-elect, I've been going in circles, defeated, not doing well.