Monday, November 14, 2016

Auto-writing for peace of mind

I'm so distraught this last week. The things I've seen in the media, the stories my children have been telling me for months but I didn't take it seriously. Hate in the name of Trump.  "Build a wall." coming from children at my children's school. "I should grab your pussy, It's Trumps America now bitch."  Happened to a girl I went to college with. You read the comments on videos of protesters and so much hate and opposing sides. I'm going to do auto writing again because I am having the worst time even concentrating on my project.

Q - Dear God please give me advice on how I should go forward, I'm having such a rough time.

A- It will come a time when you are united with the people of your source, it is only then that you worry what will happen to them. Give graciously and take kindly. Be the person you always wanted to be with grace and love. These rough times are a test of our ability to love, do it. Be kind anyway. In a turmoil society you have but one choice and that is to assimilate to kindness. Hold your tongue and emanate love. Focus on giving and praying and loving and you will change just a little piece of this reality.Your will be done.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

You might think I'm a Kook, I'll put it all out there, I'm a progressive liberal who also does autowriting,

I ask a question and listen for the answer. Today I ask: Dear God,  What do I do now, how should I go forward?

In times of despair, it is best to vet the circumstances. It would be a travesty to give up. You are a strong woman and an inspiring person. You can lead people but you must stay true to the identity of faith. You must learn that hope and faith are only a connection of spring. Meaning they are connected via the aqueduct of life, ebbing forth the holy stream of consciousness that comes forth for all. In the world, we must fight the good fight, but we must also learn to find kindness.

Anyway, that was auto-writing. I have not done that for awhile. I've been practicing my Course in Miracles but with all the stress of the new president-elect, I've been going in circles, defeated, not doing well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I am cured! (updated July 30, 2017)

I guess I can change my blog back to a normal blog about a hodgepodge of stuff because I'm cured.

If you look through previous posts you can see that I was convinced I had some life-threatening disease, but after I did all the parasite cleanses, which I'm continuing to do, I was still terribly fatigued. I have PCOS and thyroid issues so I waited 4 months to see an endocrinologist. She took my Vitamin D levels and checked my thyroid levels. They were both low, according to how she reads it.  My regular internist doctor had been saying my thyroid levels were fine, but she said that to be optimal, they should be higher. She also put me on a prescription dose of vitamin D.

I'm cured. So much that I finished my book:

I'm starting a new business:

I'm feeling great!

So if you feel like crap all the time this is what helped me, Reeses Pinworm medicine or search Curezone for Pyrantel and you will get a suggestion how to get larger quantities for cheaper, treat your whole family twice a year. Also, check your vitamin D level and thyroid level.  


I've thought I was cured before, but this time I haven't been bedridden since August 24, 2016. 

Blessings to all, check out my book.  I'm working on getting the series up on Amazon Video. 


Updated in new post on July 30, 2017