Thursday, November 5, 2015

Low income programs , free stuff, and Couponing Portland Oregon (maybe similar offers in your area too if you search) - Part 2

THE ENTERTAINMENT BOOK can really be a good deal.  If you wait until the year is already underway you can buy these books for $10 if you get it at this discount it pays for itself on the first use. Last May I bought one of these books for my area and even got instant electronic access as well as free shipping.  Even if you just use it for events or Regal Cinemas you will make your money back pretty fast.

The reason we bought it is because last Mothers day had planned a trip to go to WAAM.WAAM or the Western Automobile and Airplane Museum and I knew it was too expensive so I was searching for a coupon, the only one I could find was in the entertainment book.  I knew it was expensive because one time a few years ago we went to go visit my mother in Hood River, who is in an advanced care center there. She wasn't doing well and didn't want visitors, so we decided to explore Hood River. We just happened across this museum.  We decided to go inside and just check to see how much entrance is, occasionally you will find a museum that is free or low cost. That was far from the case that time.

Here are the current prices - Adults: $14, Seniors: $12, Veterans: $12, Kids 5-18: $6, 4 & Under: Free. 

As we were checking out the gift shop and just chatting with the girl who worked there a couple came up and said they overheard our conversation about not being able to afford it and wanted to pay our way in.  I was a little embarrassed, but I know what it is like to offer help to someone and be rejected so I bit my tongue and just graciously accepted it.  We felt very very blessed.

Later on I knew that my mother and brother would really enjoy this, and the children liked it as well so I was just trying to find a way to save money. So I downloaded the app that said bogo, I called and double checked exactly how it worked. You can use it up to 4 times on one coupon.   So we basically got 50% off for Me, my husband, mother, brother, son, his girlfriend and 2 kids.  We split the costs with my brother and son and it was much more economical.

It would  have been
Me and E = $28
Bryan and Mom = $24
Teal and Sarah = $28
June and Jimi = $12
Total = $92
It ended up costing $46 instead of $92, and the cool thing is we still have the paper coupon to do it again, well until 12/31/2015.

If you decide to go by there keep in mind that there is the entire warehouse museum, but once a month you can actually ride in the cars. Check their website for details. Meanwhile, I recommend buying the Entertainment book in the spring when it is 75% off.

PLAY IT FORWARD / Snowman foundation   There is a local community organization called the Rosewood Initiative which is close to my house. I often see flyers posted on the window or just sitting inside for the community.  I came accross this information and I applied for a piano for my children because the deal also comes with free online piano lessons. But I think my story was not compelling enough because we never heard back. If you have a child with an established aptitude for music you may be able to get a free instrument or piano for them. Check it out.

MULTNOMAH COUNTY WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM   First off you have to be a homeowner for this, I think. Years ago we did this weatherization program. We had to wait a long time for this but we finally got it and they really did a lot of stuff. They added insulation put doors in. Closed air leaks.  It was pretty cool. I think I have an application in for this now. I had tried to apply for the plumbing assistance  in spring of 2014, they lost my application and then were really hard to pin down on my application and never called me back. But then I put in another application and they said I couldn't get the plumbing assistance for the pipe leaks under the house because out water is from Rockwood water. Our sewer is with Portland Water Bureau but it didn't qualify.  They did refer me to another low income program though.

FREE SMOKE ALARMS FROM THE FIRE BUREAU  This  is something that may be available all over the USA.  In Portland you have to be the homeowner, otherwise this is the responsibility of the Landlord, and is required.  But I am always excited for free help so I called them.  They came the very next day with a fire truck and full crew of fire men. Oh and they weren't very hot, and a little cranky, but maybe your luck will be better. They installed new smoke alarms with a 10 year battery. If you have existing smoke alarms all they will do is check them. The put one in the hall and one in each bedroom. And oh now the joy, every time I cook they go off. But were safe and I like the idea of a 10 year battery.

FAMILY FUN PASS  This is an article about the family fun pass. Since they only run from March to September 20th or so the page is not updated.  But come next spring search it up.  This is an amazing deal.It did cost $75 but it is entrance for 4 into 11 places. My favorites are - the Oregon Zoo, G6 (this is where you immediately get your money back, all day jump for 4 people. I adde di tup and it is valued at $80 per kid so this all day jump is worth $320 dollars alone.) North Clackamas pool, Portland Childrens Museum, Oregon Film Museum, Pittock Mansion, Chinese gardens, Gorge Discovery center in the Dalles, Oregon Garden in Siliverton, The Portland Art Museum, and the Oregon Historical Society.