Friday, November 20, 2015

Low income programs , free stuff, and Couponing Portland Oregon (maybe similar offers in your area too if you search) - Part 4

after part of demo, before tub was changed
after remodel done. 
UNLIMITED CHOICES - So the thing that inspired me to write about low income programs in my area was this.  Unlimited Choices.   I had heard about a program listed in Part 2 of this series that was for critical plumbing assistance through the city. After a year or so of trying to get an answer from the city, I found out that I am not in the correct area to get that program.  The man at the city said I could try Unlimited Choices. Unlimited Choices does plumbing and other critical home repairs for low income and people in need.  I contacted them and they asked me some preliminary questions and about our issues. I said that when we bought the house we got an inspection and they said that the plumbling for the 1/2 bath was done wrong, that we have a leak under our tub, and in the shower wall, and other leaks.   They mailed me an application and I filled in the income requirements and mailed it back. A few months later they called me and said we qualified for the program and that they needed to come see the project.  A man from Unlimited Choices came out and checked out our issues and took photos.  He informed me that they could NOT do any preventative work but they could fix the current problems. Then about 3 weeks later a contractor contacted us and said they would start the following Monday. Then 3 days later we had a new tub, new surround, new shower faucet and plumbing, new kitchen faucet, and they made sure the plumbing underneath the house didn't leak anymore.  They also did all the safety testing for lead and everything.  No cost to us.  I forgot to get photos of the complete before remodel. What you can't see is that there was this thin tin tile that was falling off the wall, inside the wall was all moldy, the tub had a spot that was warn off and getting thinner by the year, the drain didn't hold water, and you can see in the first photo the faucet was the original 1963 faucet. Below is the after photo.   I feel so blessed.