Thursday, October 15, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Gave me hope - Day 23

I realize my math on how many days it has been is confusing, some days I'm writing about the day before and some days I'm talking about that current day.  Today is my 23rd day. I really thought it had been 4 weeks already, but I guess not.

(slightly graphic description below)
So since I upped my dosage to 1 tablespoon twice a day I got really sick. Also, I wasn't spacing the DE from when I take my thyroid medication, which apparently is very irresponsible.  Laziness did not work in my advantage there.   So then I got really backed up, did this frozen Castor oil treatment, passed a bunch of stuff that after research I identify as Liver Flukes and Liver Fluke Skins.  (these are parasites) The reason I know these are parasites and not some undigested food or something is because I did the whole check out your stool thing, after research learning how to go about it, and I poked into them with a plastic fork, they are very dense, hard, and like plastic pieces. The Liver Flukes look sort of like very large pieces of corn. The Liver Fluke Skins look like pieces of plastic. They look exactly like photos that other people have identified as Liver Flukes and Liver Fluke Skins.

This is a long process and I'm dedicated to getting better.

Good things that have been going on, my libido is stronger. I am more playful, even with fatigue I still have a sort of clarity that I haven't had for a long time. I had been wondering where my sense of humor went, I think that my pineal gland is clearing up or something.