Friday, October 2, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth, changed my life - Day 10

Day 10 on DE.

So one thing I haven't mentioned is that sometimes in the evenings I do have some detox symptoms. Sometimes it is gassiness or a little tiredness. But one reason I do not mention it is because my detox symptoms are not nearly as bad as how I was feeling EVERY DAY before I started DE.  Other detox symptoms I've had are that I've had some travelling pains but they go away.  I'm sure that is just the toxins working their way out of my body.

Caution this next part is kinda gross.

I also noticed 1 weird thing and 1 cool thing.   The weird thing is that I have noticed since I started DE, when I massage my scalp, my skull was lumpier than normal. Not sure what it was but my head felt very lumpy,  and as if there was lumpy fat buildup on my scalp. I know this sounds just awful. Anyway, a few days ago I felt my scalp and spent some time massaging the lumpy spots and it would slowly squish around (gross right?). What is weird is that today the skin on my head feels tighter and I don't notice any squishy skin areas.  To confirm this concept that DE is drying up whatever that is, perhaps toxic deposits, or  fat, or candida, or parasites, it is cool what happened with my nose. Since I was 13 I have had pores on my nose that I could just barely squeeze them and stuff would come out (again gross I know). Well, now for the first time in my entire life they are drying up, and when I squeeze my pores almost nothing comes out. So I think that explains why my scalp is flatter as well.   The DE is extracting whatever causes that buildup.

Yesterday I didn't exercise quite as much as the day before, but I did run for 1 minute.   I got more work done during the day.  I felt positive all day long.

Today I weighed 184.8,  I didn't measure.