Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth - Day 35 - Little by little I'm doing better and better

So I'm going to get checked to see if I have Lyme Disease. According to a few people on various FB forums my symptoms listed back in my First Diatomaceous Earth post  seem like I may have Lyme Disease. I asked my medical Dr. to run the western dot test on me, which I had read is an accurate one. He responded, that it would be a waste of time and that there is a high likelihood of a false positive result. So I have an appointment to go back to the Naturopath to see if he will run the Igenex test for Lyme on November 11, 2015.   

My husband thinks I'm crazy searching up things trying to find the answer to my health problems. But the thing is when he has 1 or 2 days where he doesn't feel good he seems really confused as to why.  Try years of feeling like shit not wanting to get up most of the time. I've had plenty of good days the last few years but the truth that no one knows is I had to take a pain reliever called Tramadol to get through the day. A medication that says do not drive or operate heavy machinery while you are on it.

I'm proud to announce that in the past 34 days I've only had to take Tramadol 1 time and that is when I went out with my oldest son for an adventure.

My cycle has come back after 33 days I'm hoping it will start to be normal. It has been so irregular ranging from 24 days to 49 days in between. So this is interest that since I started DE it is 33 days.

Right now I consider myself in recovery of Chronic Fatigue, because I am getting better, but I am not fully cured.  My attitude is better and my energy is better. My patience is back.   I'm sleeping better, and my skin is clearer. The list goes on and on.