Monday, October 12, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Changed my personality - Day 21

So  I am still feeling like Crap!!!!!! and I think I know why. Everyone keeps telling me that if you take Thyroid medication do NOT take it close to the time you take your DE.   But I'm stubborn and lazy so I keep doing it. That could be why I feel terrible. I was feeling so terrible on Saturday, just like my normal Chronic Fatigue before I started this that I decided to lower my dosage to 1 time per day.  That didn't seem to make any difference, so either I really am coming down with something or these suckers are Dieing off YAY.   I think whatever parasite or virus I have are fighting back.   Plus I need to space out the DE from  my medication.

An old Power Plant that we checked out
The reason I retitled this series to personality is because I am sick again, but still very calm and silly.  So there still are benefits, even though I'm sick detoxing, my skin is so much clearer. But my weight is only like 2 lbs lighter than when I started so hmmm.? Soon I am going to try this Caster Oil thing that cleans out your small intestine.  I'm just waiting for those capsules to freeze. They take FOREVER.

Inside the old power plant
Meanwhile, yesterday I got to spend the day with my eldest son Teal. He is so nice to be around. I'm so proud of him.  We talked all the time during our 2 hour drive there and back to White River Falls, in Tygh Valley Oregon.   Here are some photos. The water is murky because it was a hot day and the falls gets water from glacier runoff which picks up all the silt and apparently causes erosion. We were told from people who frequent the falls the water is clear when it is cold. Curse those warm days in October. Um no. It was a fantastic warm day, and back in Portland it was not quite as nice.
lower view of the falls

The problem was that since I was feeling so awful I had to take Tramadol again!!!! Nooooooooo. I am trying to feel good without it. The good news is that was the first day that I had to take Tramodol since I started DE.

I'm sticking with it, because I have been assured that the detox will pass.