Thursday, October 8, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Changed my life - Day 17 - been detoxing pretty bad

Yes I have been detoxing pretty bad, feeling fatigue, which is as bad as before I started the DE. But here is the thing, personality wise I feel clearer, happier, and better than before.  So you may want to know why I'm detoxing or what my detoxing is like.

First off I am experiencing detox symptoms because I increased my dosage of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth faster than recommended. You are supposed to slowly increase your dosage, and I jumped to 1 teaspoon, twice a day after 1 week, and then 3 days after that I jumped to 1 tablespoon twice daily.  At 1 teaspoon, I really didn't feel anything, but about 3 to 4 days into the tablespoons I have been hit with weakness and a little constipation, which is unusual for me.  Next I am going to be trying to cleanes my small intestine with a method where you freeze caster oil capsules and take 4 or 5.  This way they stay frozen until they get into the small intestine. If you are interested in this I suggest researching before you try, some people are allergic to caster oil.

I haven't written much because well, I haven't been feeling as peppy in the morning as before.  But I am dedicated to this process because nothing is worse than doing nothing and losing hope.  And anyway, like I said, I feel like I have my personality back, and I only felt like this before when I took tramadol.

I weighed yesterday and I was going back down again. But I didn't weigh today.