Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear our old House - I'm trying to let go and be happy for you

This is the house after we lived there for years
Mothers day gift from My eldest 2003
In front of my favorite car 2003 ish
2002 Pregnant with June with my Mom. 
When I was first invited to your Halloween party that was last Saturday, (that we were unable to go to) to be honest, I was scared. But in truth it was more than that.  It's as if you had left me and you are now happy with someone else. It hurt, you know.  How you could move on so easily and then meet the perfect family and just take off exactly from where you were with us? But the truth is I left you, we left you.  I don't regret what we did because we got to get to know my Father in Law before he died, but I do miss you.  So we sold you and I'm not sure how the first family treated you, but I can tell that the family that lives there now loves you a lot. And I'm happy for you. Though it does hurt in a weird way that you could be as happy as you were when we lived there, I understand. I never meant for you to be alone or lonely,  I'm trying to let go.  It's just that we had so many memories there.  When we moved in it was just Enrique, Me, and Teal.  When we moved out we were 5.  Enrique, Me, Teal, June, and Jimi. And we did so many little remodels.  You were fun to work on.
Just after June was born xmas 2002
2002 Before hubby cut his hair
2004 ish Easter
2003 ish
2003 when Junie was a baby
Pregnant with Jimi
When I did childcare at playtimeS
So many people we don't see anymore, and children that have grown.  Cuteness that is now teenager ish.  
I made a painting of this, unfortunately it is in Mexico. 
Junie and Daddy being silly.
When Junie was still an Angel. 
After we redid the kitchen floor.
So much love in that house. In the beginning we had fixed up the house into 2 separate living areas and then my mom actually lived with us too. We had 9 people living there.
such a cutie pie
Big Easter event with children that are now grown up and on their own. 
When Jimi was new. 
After the new floor in the dining area. Took out the ugly carpet. 
Our house when it was up for sale the first time. 
Junie helping bring home Jimi from the hospital. 
Xmas 2006, my cutie pie santa clause. 
daddy getting huggies. 
After the kitchen was fixed up. 
Before we sold and moved. 
The one thing I do NOT MISS. That road. 
Cutie pie Jimi. 
Feb 2007, What we looked like right before me moved, minus my husband who is taking the photo. 

Yes I am working through letting you go.  I know a new family is having all their own special experiences with you. We now have a home that is not nearly as interesting as you.  Not so many cubbies, and nooks, and crannies, hiding places, but it does have luxuries that you did not, and unfortunately we could not afford to upgrade for you at the time. Like central air, an irrigation system, a connected garage, and automatic garage door openers.  This is the 4th house I've owned, 3rd for E, but you were by far my favorite. Love you forever. Wish you well. Goodbye.

PuertoVallarta Girl in Portland.