Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life Day 9 - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue is a miracle

My husband and I at Portland Chinese Gardens a few weeks ago. This is what I look like with makeup etc.
My husband and I at Portland Chinese Gardens a few weeks ago. 

I'm up to 1 tsp in the morning, and 1 tsp in the evening and wow, I feel so happy to be alive. I do not even know the last time I thought that except within the last 9 days. I feel so different. I have a bounce in my step and I even feel like exercising.   In a second, I'll tell you about all the exercise I've been doing which isn't much for an athletic person but a TON for someone who is chronically fatigued.  Meanwhile, I just had an epiphany.

Here I have washed my face, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair.  Day 9 My skin is clearer but my bags under my eyes are better. I purposefully did not smile because I'm going to start taking a morning photo periodically to see if my bags and whites of my eyes get better. Many people say that their eyes get whiter.
here are the bags under my eyes when I wake up - day 9
People who give out health advice, such as exercise instructors, weight loss consultants,  and people who write about health and study health, they don't know what it feels like to hurt while you lay in bed, to hurt when you get up, to ache all over your body and to have no energy while at the same time feeling nauseous before and after you eat. They don't know how it feels to keep going on when you barely have enough energy just to get dressed.   Doctors want to say you are depressed. Well duh, it is depressing to feel like that BUT I did not feel depressed first and then my body got physically sick. Being sick made me feel depressed sometimes, eventually I felt like I was losing hope for my future. But I was never clinically depressed. I believe in Law of Attraction, so I rarely ever talk about my illness. But now since I've found DE, I think it is important to share how sick I really was so that if other people are that sick and can't figure out how to get better they can try this too.

Since taking Diatomaceous Earth in just this short amount of time, I feel so different. I feel so much better and I pray it continues, I want my life back. I just want to point out that I am not selling anything. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is cheap in the US $20 for 10lbs on Amazon. I am not affiliated with any company that sells it.  I've heard in the Facebook forum I read that, it is inexpensive all over the world. Also, Diatomaceous Earth is easy to do.   You just stir it into some juice, water, or smoothie.  So this is not some complicated thing. I am pretty fickle, as the title of this blog says. If something takes too much self-control or struggle I lose interest pretty easily, which is also probably due to the chronic fatigue.

People who give health advice say to just eat right and exercise. Yes, that is good, and it is also true. However,  modern medicine in the US barely refer to all the toxins and parasites in our environment. Many people hear the word parasite and are grossed out immediately and don't even want to learn about it. But parasites are not only tapeworms. Parasites are any living organism that lives off your body and humans have many parasites. For example dandruff, athlete's foot, and yeast infections are all an overgrowth of candida or fungus, hongos, whatever you want to call it.  There are microscopic organisms on our skin, in our blood, and in our digestion. Then of course there are actual worms. Now in the forums I've been reading many people talk about worms and even check their stool for worms. I have not seen anything, but I have to just guess that with how very sick I have been that I may have some type of animal that has lived in my body. I haven't seen anything from looking at my dookie at distance. But why else is my transformation so strong?  There are these things called liver flukes.   I'm really not sure if I have any of this but if I do I want them gone. Better out than in right?

Parasites in our bodies crave sugars. So another epiphany I had is what if Americas obesity problem is really a parasitic problem? When people have certain parasites they crave bad foods such as sugar and carbs, yet at the same time they never feel full.  I used to feel like that but it went away at some point.  Now for the past several years I really didn't eat that much and most of the day I didn't even feel hungry yet, I was gaining weight. I gained about 5lbs a year for the last several years.  Everyone said it's just age. I'm almost 45. I was just getting worse and worse. You can even see it in my past posts I was desperately trying to figure out what is wrong with me. What if all my illnesses are traced back to some microscopic parasite? Only time can tell.
A blurry snapshot of our dog at the back door. 

About the exercise here is everything I did yesterday. After I wrote the blog post I tried to take my doggy for a bike ride. That is Lady Chihuahua. She just about killed me so I ended up walking the bike around the block, and when we got close to the house I dropped the leash and let her run free and rode back fast.   Then I put her in the backyard and rode around the block again. Then a little later I actually got her and ran for about 30 seconds.  Then when my husband came home we went for a 4-mile bike ride. Then I went for a tiny walk with my daughter to walk her friend home. And I wasn't even physically tired afterward.   My family and I periodically do 5-10-mile bike rides but it is few and far between and only if I'm having a good day. Right now every day is a good day. I feel like suddenly I understand what athletic people feel like. They have so much energy that they want to run and exercise naturally, not forced but naturally like breathing and eating.   I have never felt like that. Ever since I was a child exercise has been something I have to talk myself into. I like it while I'm doing it, but I never have a huge drive to do it other than the fact that I know I'll feel better later.

This morning I even took the dog for a 1-minute run. It was short but it is progress, and longer than yesterday.

Weight is 185.2, waist 36.25, neck 13.5,

That is all for now.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland