Monday, October 5, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life - Day 12 - Having fun in my life again

This is Written about Saturday 10/3. Yes I actually feel like I am enjoying my life.  Don't get me wrong, there have always been moments. But those fun moments have been fewer and father apart for the last several years, that is until now.  I'm feeling seriously better.

Saturday I was alone most of the day, my hubby was working on a project for his cousins brother in law, for real. Both Jimi and June went to their friends house. They completed their chores and it was sunny.  When it became apparent that my husband was going to be home later than expected, and I hadn't t made the reservations at the comedy club I was supposed to do. (We get called for free tickets all the time for Harvey's Comedy club),  I decided to go see a movie. But I was tired of waiting around all day so I left early. I went to Burgerville, a Pacific Northwest fast food company that features local produce recipes. Right now they have deep fried green beans in chipotle mayo.  Yum, it was a real splurge for me because I don't usually eat greasy foods due to my health problems. Then I had a little bit of time to kill and I decided to go spend $10 in the gaming machines at this really dive chinese restaurant bar next to the theater. Its a super dive - think 1987's dive.  I was trying to keep in mind this law of attraction concept I had recently heard about smelling your money, and how it attracts money into your life.  So there I am sitting at the machine practically hyperventilating breathing in and remembering the smell of my money. I put in $10 in and walked out with $25.   That was nice.

Then I went to see the Martian, all by myself.  Yes all by myself and it was perfect. I really enjoyed the movie.  When I was ready to leave and got in my car, I called my husband and checked in with him.  He mentioned going out for  a beer and I suggested the blissfully divy  China Hut. True to form we entered with the sound of a very drunk, unintelligible song only recognizable by the music. There was a bunch of people sitting at the bar looking like regulars that spend a lot of time there. I thought ahh, this is where the old people hang out.  I had been wondering that for awhile. I'm 44 almost 45, and we rarely go to bars so I just wasn't sure where old people hang. It is divy enough that no one will judge your singing or dancing, they have karaoke, and mixed in with a few people who sing beautifully, there are normal folks or drunk folks singing a variety of songs that makes you feel like, if they can do it and no one cares, I should have a go. But I didn't do it, because when I almost garnered up enough courage to put a slip in, my hubby said he didn't want to wait that long.

We also played on the machines and I put my $15 profit back into the machine.  I have a little bit of trouble staying positive when I'm with my husband, I need to work on that. I know it all centers around me, but I seem to worry about what he feels, instead of just feeling what I feel.

During this time I was having some detox on and off, but again I felt better than I had before DE. I had a little bit of nausea, and sometimes shooting pains. That was the 2nd day of 1 tablespoon in the morning, and 1 tablespoon in the evening.  When we came home and I took a shower and laid down to go to sleep I had this weird painful feeling in my uterus, it felt like when my period is about to start, but by the time I woke up that feeling went away.

I weighed myself but I can't recall now cause I didn't write it down. It was slightly up again. But still feeling slimmer.