Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm getting tested for Lyme Disease

I mean that is I'm going to see if the Naturopath will run the Western Dot test from Igenex on me. That is the test I've read that is the most accurate.   I hate, hate, hate, to be a whiner and complainer so it is always hard for me to write about my own problems. But I just saw this clip of someone who was talking about how their life was with Lyme disease and it was awful and hopeless and I began to cry. The courage it takes to talk about how hard things are moves me, and no one really knows how hard it is unless they have been in your shoes.

Lately, I've been having a few bad days, with the weird neurological symptoms. Since I started taking DE I think I've noticed connections from various pains, twitching, and numbness to my digestion and how my stomach feels. I've heard that digestion is the root of many problems.

Earlier this week I started searching "Lyme disease worse during menstrual cycle" and found a lot of interesting information. Ever since my cycle was getting prepared last week, to this week of having it, I have felt TERRIBLE.  I know I feel better than before DE but it is very disappointing because I was so hoping that DE was going to be my cure. My worst day was yesterday where I just didn't have the energy to do anything all day. This morning  I noticed that I felt like this pain or humming in my stomach and then I felt this weird numbness sensation on the extremities of my body. So something is going on in my digestion that causes me to get worse. Being chronically ill is like always having this mystery you are trying to solve.  Even in my blog I've been through so many trial and errors. One thing that has definitely helped is the Diatomaceous Earth. It  has also been helping my family a lot. My son has so much more energy, and my good days are way better than they used to be. But if I do have Lyme disease I've been told that Diatomaceous Earth is not strong enough to get rid of it.

Here is a link to one article about the documentary

It says

By Dr. Mercola
Unrelenting pain. Headaches, muscle aches, swollen joints, rashes. Loss of coordination and muscle spasms. Intermittent paralysis. Cycles of disabling symptoms that persist for years, causing ceaseless suffering and frustration for patients and their families.
This is the picture of chronic Lyme disease. And yet, many physicians tell their patients there is "no such thing," referring them to psychiatrists, misdiagnosing them, or even accusing them of fabricating an illness or simply seeking attention.
"Under Our Skin," a critically acclaimed documentary and Oscar semi-finalist exposes the hidden story of Lyme disease, one of the most serious and controversial epidemics of our time. Slant Magazine calls it "head-spinning...riveting...a rigorously researched and highly thorough piece of investigative reporting."
Each year, thousands go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, often told their symptoms are all in their heads. "Under Our Skin" brings into focus a troubling picture of a health care system that is far too willing to put profits ahead of patients. The Chicago Daily Herald calls it "a ripping indictment of the medical establishment's failure to uphold its oath."

UPDATED: I was tested and it was negative.  I still don't know what is wrong with me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth - Day 35 - Little by little I'm doing better and better

So I'm going to get checked to see if I have Lyme Disease. According to a few people on various FB forums my symptoms listed back in my First Diatomaceous Earth post  seem like I may have Lyme Disease. I asked my medical Dr. to run the western dot test on me, which I had read is an accurate one. He responded, that it would be a waste of time and that there is a high likelihood of a false positive result. So I have an appointment to go back to the Naturopath to see if he will run the Igenex test for Lyme on November 11, 2015.   

My husband thinks I'm crazy searching up things trying to find the answer to my health problems. But the thing is when he has 1 or 2 days where he doesn't feel good he seems really confused as to why.  Try years of feeling like shit not wanting to get up most of the time. I've had plenty of good days the last few years but the truth that no one knows is I had to take a pain reliever called Tramadol to get through the day. A medication that says do not drive or operate heavy machinery while you are on it.

I'm proud to announce that in the past 34 days I've only had to take Tramadol 1 time and that is when I went out with my oldest son for an adventure.

My cycle has come back after 33 days I'm hoping it will start to be normal. It has been so irregular ranging from 24 days to 49 days in between. So this is interest that since I started DE it is 33 days.

Right now I consider myself in recovery of Chronic Fatigue, because I am getting better, but I am not fully cured.  My attitude is better and my energy is better. My patience is back.   I'm sleeping better, and my skin is clearer. The list goes on and on.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear our old House - I'm trying to let go and be happy for you

This is the house after we lived there for years
Mothers day gift from My eldest 2003
In front of my favorite car 2003 ish
2002 Pregnant with June with my Mom. 
When I was first invited to your Halloween party that was last Saturday, (that we were unable to go to) to be honest, I was scared. But in truth it was more than that.  It's as if you had left me and you are now happy with someone else. It hurt, you know.  How you could move on so easily and then meet the perfect family and just take off exactly from where you were with us? But the truth is I left you, we left you.  I don't regret what we did because we got to get to know my Father in Law before he died, but I do miss you.  So we sold you and I'm not sure how the first family treated you, but I can tell that the family that lives there now loves you a lot. And I'm happy for you. Though it does hurt in a weird way that you could be as happy as you were when we lived there, I understand. I never meant for you to be alone or lonely,  I'm trying to let go.  It's just that we had so many memories there.  When we moved in it was just Enrique, Me, and Teal.  When we moved out we were 5.  Enrique, Me, Teal, June, and Jimi. And we did so many little remodels.  You were fun to work on.
Just after June was born xmas 2002
2002 Before hubby cut his hair
2004 ish Easter
2003 ish
2003 when Junie was a baby
Pregnant with Jimi
When I did childcare at playtimeS
So many people we don't see anymore, and children that have grown.  Cuteness that is now teenager ish.  
I made a painting of this, unfortunately it is in Mexico. 
Junie and Daddy being silly.
When Junie was still an Angel. 
After we redid the kitchen floor.
So much love in that house. In the beginning we had fixed up the house into 2 separate living areas and then my mom actually lived with us too. We had 9 people living there.
such a cutie pie
Big Easter event with children that are now grown up and on their own. 
When Jimi was new. 
After the new floor in the dining area. Took out the ugly carpet. 
Our house when it was up for sale the first time. 
Junie helping bring home Jimi from the hospital. 
Xmas 2006, my cutie pie santa clause. 
daddy getting huggies. 
After the kitchen was fixed up. 
Before we sold and moved. 
The one thing I do NOT MISS. That road. 
Cutie pie Jimi. 
Feb 2007, What we looked like right before me moved, minus my husband who is taking the photo. 

Yes I am working through letting you go.  I know a new family is having all their own special experiences with you. We now have a home that is not nearly as interesting as you.  Not so many cubbies, and nooks, and crannies, hiding places, but it does have luxuries that you did not, and unfortunately we could not afford to upgrade for you at the time. Like central air, an irrigation system, a connected garage, and automatic garage door openers.  This is the 4th house I've owned, 3rd for E, but you were by far my favorite. Love you forever. Wish you well. Goodbye.

PuertoVallarta Girl in Portland.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth - Day 27 - Liver Flukes?!

October 19, 2015
Well I'm thinking I have Liver Flukes.  Ugly thing, but I did search for it and I seem to fall into the category of this. I checked my dookie last week and saw them (the word correction I use wants to correct that to cookie, um no).  Which means I may have a big fight in front of me.

October 17, 2015
On the good side -  my silly personality is really coming back after how many years? I lost it during college. You know about 4 or 5 months ago I was really wondering where my personality went. I was thinking what happened to my silly?  Well I've got it back. Yay!

I do have light foundation on in this  mustache photo, but I think my hair and skin both look more youthful.

March 13 2015
September 17, 2015
October 17, 2015
On the left is another photo of me and my hubby last weekend at Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon.  That night, every photo I took, I looked pretty good, it's been so long since that has happened. That was heavier makeup though.

Below I've put together a few photos from this year. I think we both do look younger. My husbands face is not as droopy, the sinuses dried up. He's doing DE 1 tsp per day. For about 23 days.

I'm keeping to this experiment. Today I took 4 more of the frozen castor oil to see if I can get more of the bad guys out. I'm still taking 1 tablespoon a day of DE, several hours after I take my required medicines for heart, bp, and thyroid, and plan to indefinitely, so this will be interesting.  My energy level is not too good though.

I found a forum on curezone about liver flukes, lots of varying advice.

I haven't weighed lately,  I did spike back up to 188 then back down to 185.8 but I haven't weighed for a few days.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Gave me hope - Day 23

I realize my math on how many days it has been is confusing, some days I'm writing about the day before and some days I'm talking about that current day.  Today is my 23rd day. I really thought it had been 4 weeks already, but I guess not.

(slightly graphic description below)
So since I upped my dosage to 1 tablespoon twice a day I got really sick. Also, I wasn't spacing the DE from when I take my thyroid medication, which apparently is very irresponsible.  Laziness did not work in my advantage there.   So then I got really backed up, did this frozen Castor oil treatment, passed a bunch of stuff that after research I identify as Liver Flukes and Liver Fluke Skins.  (these are parasites) The reason I know these are parasites and not some undigested food or something is because I did the whole check out your stool thing, after research learning how to go about it, and I poked into them with a plastic fork, they are very dense, hard, and like plastic pieces. The Liver Flukes look sort of like very large pieces of corn. The Liver Fluke Skins look like pieces of plastic. They look exactly like photos that other people have identified as Liver Flukes and Liver Fluke Skins.

This is a long process and I'm dedicated to getting better.

Good things that have been going on, my libido is stronger. I am more playful, even with fatigue I still have a sort of clarity that I haven't had for a long time. I had been wondering where my sense of humor went, I think that my pineal gland is clearing up or something.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Changed my personality - Day 21

So  I am still feeling like Crap!!!!!! and I think I know why. Everyone keeps telling me that if you take Thyroid medication do NOT take it close to the time you take your DE.   But I'm stubborn and lazy so I keep doing it. That could be why I feel terrible. I was feeling so terrible on Saturday, just like my normal Chronic Fatigue before I started this that I decided to lower my dosage to 1 time per day.  That didn't seem to make any difference, so either I really am coming down with something or these suckers are Dieing off YAY.   I think whatever parasite or virus I have are fighting back.   Plus I need to space out the DE from  my medication.

An old Power Plant that we checked out
The reason I retitled this series to personality is because I am sick again, but still very calm and silly.  So there still are benefits, even though I'm sick detoxing, my skin is so much clearer. But my weight is only like 2 lbs lighter than when I started so hmmm.? Soon I am going to try this Caster Oil thing that cleans out your small intestine.  I'm just waiting for those capsules to freeze. They take FOREVER.

Inside the old power plant
Meanwhile, yesterday I got to spend the day with my eldest son Teal. He is so nice to be around. I'm so proud of him.  We talked all the time during our 2 hour drive there and back to White River Falls, in Tygh Valley Oregon.   Here are some photos. The water is murky because it was a hot day and the falls gets water from glacier runoff which picks up all the silt and apparently causes erosion. We were told from people who frequent the falls the water is clear when it is cold. Curse those warm days in October. Um no. It was a fantastic warm day, and back in Portland it was not quite as nice.
lower view of the falls

The problem was that since I was feeling so awful I had to take Tramadol again!!!! Nooooooooo. I am trying to feel good without it. The good news is that was the first day that I had to take Tramodol since I started DE.

I'm sticking with it, because I have been assured that the detox will pass.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth Changed my life - Day 17 - been detoxing pretty bad

Yes I have been detoxing pretty bad, feeling fatigue, which is as bad as before I started the DE. But here is the thing, personality wise I feel clearer, happier, and better than before.  So you may want to know why I'm detoxing or what my detoxing is like.

First off I am experiencing detox symptoms because I increased my dosage of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth faster than recommended. You are supposed to slowly increase your dosage, and I jumped to 1 teaspoon, twice a day after 1 week, and then 3 days after that I jumped to 1 tablespoon twice daily.  At 1 teaspoon, I really didn't feel anything, but about 3 to 4 days into the tablespoons I have been hit with weakness and a little constipation, which is unusual for me.  Next I am going to be trying to cleanes my small intestine with a method where you freeze caster oil capsules and take 4 or 5.  This way they stay frozen until they get into the small intestine. If you are interested in this I suggest researching before you try, some people are allergic to caster oil.

I haven't written much because well, I haven't been feeling as peppy in the morning as before.  But I am dedicated to this process because nothing is worse than doing nothing and losing hope.  And anyway, like I said, I feel like I have my personality back, and I only felt like this before when I took tramadol.

I weighed yesterday and I was going back down again. But I didn't weigh today.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life - Day 14 - to weed or not to weed, it's legal in Oregon Ya know

Woke up yesterday, Sunday morning feeling good but alone. I've decided to embrace all this privacy. I think for awhile during the summer I was thinking, OH MY GOD, Can I just get some time alone? Well, TaDaHHHH, ask and you shall receive, but dummy me....has been feeling sorry for myself. Which is stupid because I KNOW,  if  I stay in that feeling it just attracts more of it. So on the flip side, I realized that  I can do what ever I want, and if I want to smoke weed, no kids to hide it from, no husband to criticize me about it, then I might as well do what sounds good to me. Right?

A very small quantity of weed lasts me a very long time. The last gram I had lasted me I think 3 years. It was crappy weed anyway.  I've had this current weed for about 4 months. Weed became legal in Oregon on July 1, 2015. I rarely smoke weed because I don't want to confuse my children, and my husband is against it.

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge again. I thought, Why not? I enjoy it, I feel sexy when I smoke weed, I'm more relaxed when I smoke weed. I went out to the garage, and into the grungy side storage area that is covered but not visible to neighbors and smoked up. Then I cleaned up the house very nice, did laundry, and I felt like doing my hair all pretty, and makeup all pretty. Though to be honest I have to admit IF you do not control your mind, one minute you are thinking,  I am so hot! I cannot believe how cute I am and I didn't even realize it. And then if you are not careful you could start tripping out and think, Is my nose shaped weird?  My eyes are so red, my cheeks are weird, and ruin the whole effect. Luckily I was able to stay positive, and I even coordinated an outfit, rather than just threw something on. I even wore and an accessory. I must be feeling good if I'm doing that on a nonwork day (I haven't worked out side the house this year but just saying).  My husband later remarked that he could tell I smoked weed because I was more relaxed and happy.   HMMM?

I said to him in the evening, "You would think you would want me to smoke weed."

He said, "You know I'm against it, why would I do that?"

"Because you said, I'm more relaxed and happy."

"Well it's a drug, and I'm against drugs."

I said, "Beer is a drug. Coffee, is a drug. Aleve is a drug. And, Marijuana is legal now so you can't use that excuse." He didn't say anything.

It still doesn't make sense to me that he likes me better when I smoke weed, but is against it.

We went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes off in Clackamas Oregon, with the kids.  When we came back the kids didn't want to go to the store with us so we went shopping all by ourselves. We were looking for a kiddie pool, or container for washing the dog and so we headed out to Walmart. I am con Walmart in most cases, but I thought there may be a chance they still have the kiddie pools.  Nope, so we got a 50-gallon plastic storage container. I'll try to get a photo later of the kids washing the dog in it.

This morning I got my butt out of bed by 9am and started my day.   I have absolutely no excuse to not be exercising now, because I have energy, but I am using the excuse that I am still detoxing.  Last night in the middle of the night, I had a horrible pain in my right leg.  It was the feeling I used to have when I was certain that I had a clogged artery.  But the pain went away.

I read this thing on the DE forum on Facebook that said DE kills parasites, and removes viruses from the digestive tract but may not remove them from the brain and other organs.  I really need to research that. My best friend, said that she thinks it gets into the blood stream. So this got my over imaginative imagination thinking that parasites were dying off in my blood stream and clogging my veins.  Awful thought no?  I have been going #2, a lot since I started the 1 tablespoon twice a day. But still feel like my intestines are full.    More research on my part is needed.

Weighed up again. 186.8  I"m hoping that after everything clears out I'll go back down again, but I have been drinking beer and eating a lot all weekend.

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life - Day 12 - Having fun in my life again

This is Written about Saturday 10/3. Yes I actually feel like I am enjoying my life.  Don't get me wrong, there have always been moments. But those fun moments have been fewer and father apart for the last several years, that is until now.  I'm feeling seriously better.

Saturday I was alone most of the day, my hubby was working on a project for his cousins brother in law, for real. Both Jimi and June went to their friends house. They completed their chores and it was sunny.  When it became apparent that my husband was going to be home later than expected, and I hadn't t made the reservations at the comedy club I was supposed to do. (We get called for free tickets all the time for Harvey's Comedy club),  I decided to go see a movie. But I was tired of waiting around all day so I left early. I went to Burgerville, a Pacific Northwest fast food company that features local produce recipes. Right now they have deep fried green beans in chipotle mayo.  Yum, it was a real splurge for me because I don't usually eat greasy foods due to my health problems. Then I had a little bit of time to kill and I decided to go spend $10 in the gaming machines at this really dive chinese restaurant bar next to the theater. Its a super dive - think 1987's dive.  I was trying to keep in mind this law of attraction concept I had recently heard about smelling your money, and how it attracts money into your life.  So there I am sitting at the machine practically hyperventilating breathing in and remembering the smell of my money. I put in $10 in and walked out with $25.   That was nice.

Then I went to see the Martian, all by myself.  Yes all by myself and it was perfect. I really enjoyed the movie.  When I was ready to leave and got in my car, I called my husband and checked in with him.  He mentioned going out for  a beer and I suggested the blissfully divy  China Hut. True to form we entered with the sound of a very drunk, unintelligible song only recognizable by the music. There was a bunch of people sitting at the bar looking like regulars that spend a lot of time there. I thought ahh, this is where the old people hang out.  I had been wondering that for awhile. I'm 44 almost 45, and we rarely go to bars so I just wasn't sure where old people hang. It is divy enough that no one will judge your singing or dancing, they have karaoke, and mixed in with a few people who sing beautifully, there are normal folks or drunk folks singing a variety of songs that makes you feel like, if they can do it and no one cares, I should have a go. But I didn't do it, because when I almost garnered up enough courage to put a slip in, my hubby said he didn't want to wait that long.

We also played on the machines and I put my $15 profit back into the machine.  I have a little bit of trouble staying positive when I'm with my husband, I need to work on that. I know it all centers around me, but I seem to worry about what he feels, instead of just feeling what I feel.

During this time I was having some detox on and off, but again I felt better than I had before DE. I had a little bit of nausea, and sometimes shooting pains. That was the 2nd day of 1 tablespoon in the morning, and 1 tablespoon in the evening.  When we came home and I took a shower and laid down to go to sleep I had this weird painful feeling in my uterus, it felt like when my period is about to start, but by the time I woke up that feeling went away.

I weighed myself but I can't recall now cause I didn't write it down. It was slightly up again. But still feeling slimmer.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life - Day 11, feeling the Herx a bit I may have parasites

So yesterday I didn't exercise as much because I actually sort of forgot that I had planned to do 8 Minute Abs.  But no worries I still have more energy than I did before I started this.  I also got a good amount of work done on my project Consciousness Continues.  I'm transcribing the last interview with PMH Atwater.   Then I just need to find an editor.  The publisher I was working with sort of dropped out because we didn't see eye to eye on how things should go.  I really like her though on a personal level we just didn't match in work styles, and expectations.

Back to the DE, so I was feeling tired, I even had a nap yesterday, which I never do. So it's weird to have more energy but also be more tired than normal. I'm certain it has to do with the detox.   I feel like my sense of humor is coming back.  I feel like my personality is coming back.

Yesterday my love, (husband) got off early and I actually talked very frankly about the possibility that I may have parasites based off all my symptoms, illnesses, and what I have read on the internet.  Then we discussed whether I should just up my dosage of DE and take the herx detox. We discussed it thinking about whether I should just try to get it over with rather than keep the small dosage as suggested so I don't feel terrible. I'm thinking, I'm so used to feeling awful, I might as well launch in with the 1 tablespoon twice a day now because I just want to get better faster.   And today I didn't feel quite as good as I have other days from the 1 teaspoon twice daily, but I got up and started the 1 tablespoon with cranberry juice anyway. We ran out of orange juice and it definitely is better with orange juice.

I am doing some things that are not suggested in the forum. #1,  I have only changed my diet a little bit. I'm still eating a little bit of red meat. #2 I'm upping the dosage faster than I should. #3, I haven't cut out sugar and dairy like a lot of people say to do. I've read that in order to make it easier on your body to get rid of candida you should do that.

If you want in-depth information about DE and support, and you are on Facebook - request to be added to - DIATOMACEOUS EARTH PRODUCT. This is a great group to ask questions and get moral support.

I weighed today up a tiny bit it is a roller coaster 185.4,

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hypertension notes - Simvastatin and Amlodapine - draft post from 2011 - finally published

I don't fully understand this, I quit taking the Simvastatin, but I'm still taking Amlodipine, it keeps my hypertension under control in combination with the Carvedilol.

Great:  I just read in an unreliable source that Simvastatin Causes Memory problems. that is good on one end and means my memory may get better now that I've stopped taking it. But bad because I hate taking anything that messes with the brain.

Here is a webmd article about taking amlodipine and simvastatin together -

the easy way out - a draft written in 2011

I've made a commitment to myself that I want to create film and entertainment that is uplifting and with hope.  But during the time that I've tried to create programs like that I've met some resistance.  Then my script-writing teacher, who is sort of interesting but rather negative and difficult pointed out that we like to recognize things in a story but still not be able to tell which way the story will go.   I was all out to create something that no one has ever seen before, but

I never finished this post

Diatomaceous Earth, changed my life - Day 10

Day 10 on DE.

So one thing I haven't mentioned is that sometimes in the evenings I do have some detox symptoms. Sometimes it is gassiness or a little tiredness. But one reason I do not mention it is because my detox symptoms are not nearly as bad as how I was feeling EVERY DAY before I started DE.  Other detox symptoms I've had are that I've had some travelling pains but they go away.  I'm sure that is just the toxins working their way out of my body.

Caution this next part is kinda gross.

I also noticed 1 weird thing and 1 cool thing.   The weird thing is that I have noticed since I started DE, when I massage my scalp, my skull was lumpier than normal. Not sure what it was but my head felt very lumpy,  and as if there was lumpy fat buildup on my scalp. I know this sounds just awful. Anyway, a few days ago I felt my scalp and spent some time massaging the lumpy spots and it would slowly squish around (gross right?). What is weird is that today the skin on my head feels tighter and I don't notice any squishy skin areas.  To confirm this concept that DE is drying up whatever that is, perhaps toxic deposits, or  fat, or candida, or parasites, it is cool what happened with my nose. Since I was 13 I have had pores on my nose that I could just barely squeeze them and stuff would come out (again gross I know). Well, now for the first time in my entire life they are drying up, and when I squeeze my pores almost nothing comes out. So I think that explains why my scalp is flatter as well.   The DE is extracting whatever causes that buildup.

Yesterday I didn't exercise quite as much as the day before, but I did run for 1 minute.   I got more work done during the day.  I felt positive all day long.

Today I weighed 184.8,  I didn't measure.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's been a long journey to Diatomaceous Earth from Chronic Fatigue

I just started checking out other people's blogs about Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Illness.  To tell you the truth I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction so for the longest time I didn't really investigate anyone else's struggle other than trying to figure out what is wrong with me or how to get better.  Now that I am feeling so fabulous,  I started reading other peoples struggles. I also decided I should list all the things I've tried to date:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Bragg's Organic - this actually helps a lot with the GERD ironically and I use this when I can remember, but I try not to leave it on my teeth for very long because it causes sensitivities.
  • Coconut oil - oil pulling and consumption.  Well, I hear other people have had great success with this but for some reason it makes my blood pressure spike very high. And I just can't have that because it took a very long time to get it to normal with medication.
  • Conventional Medicine - I am so fed up with conventional doctors. It's like they have a checklist of what it could be and if you don't fit into the box it is not real. 
  • Cutting out dairy - this is something the Naturopath and many people told me to do. And the truth is, when I don't drink milk, or eat yogurt my breath is better.  But other than that not much else. 
  • Essential oils - I put these in baths and around the house. I'm not 100% it is doing anything but it is nice to smell when in a detox bath 
  • Exercise - yoga, bike riding, weights. Exerercise has helped me but just one bad day can throw me off and then I have 6 months of progressively worse fatigue. Also it is very dificult to talk yourself into exercising when you feel TERRIBLE.
  • Fish Oil - Been taking Fish Oil supplements since spring. I feel the same as I do about the Magnesium. I think it might be helping but it is a very small piece to the puzzle. 
  • Juicing - I got all excited after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead So I got a juicer and started juicing and Yea I did start feeling better, but it is a lot of work, expensive and not a real solution for my every day life. I need something easy. 
  • Light healing - One lady that had a Near Death Experience and I interviewed her for my project has done light and energy healing on me a few times. But though it did help me emotionally it just ignored what ever the health problem is. 
  • Magnesium supplements  - I think this is helping I take it daily since spring, but I think it is a small component to my healing because if I am only doing Magnesium and no DE I am still severely ill. 
  • Medical tests up the wazoo - I have had so many types of tests trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Sleep tests, blood tests, colonoscopys, MRI's, CT scans, you name it.   Of course most things always come up within normal limits, except the MRI that showed that I have had strokes. 
  • Milk thistle supplement- a few years ago I got so fatigued due to stress and illness that I couldn't even get out of bed. I was in college, interning, it was the holidays and I was 100 out of it . Milk thistle did bring me back to a less fatigued state.  But it didn't cure me. 
  • Naturopath Doctor - I was so hopeful when I went to see the naturopath but he only prescribed to me what I could basically find out myself on He basically told me my fatigue is a combination from my illnesses and the side effects form my  medicine and that there isn't much he can do. Oh yea?  then why do I feel so much better after taking DE?
  • Non flouride toothpaste - no difference. 
  • Organic diet - For about 3 months this year I went fully organic. It really did not make a single difference. Seriously. I still try to eat organic when I can because I want to but it didn't make any difference in my fatigue. 
  • Positive thinking -  Books or movies with Abraham hicks, Power of Flow, The Secret, and Creative visualization by Shakti Gawain. This can help in many ways yet it was me choosing to ignore the underlying issue, which causes a lot of guilt and shame when I can't seem to think myself better, I feel like, What is wrong with me? 
  • Prayer - Of course  prayer is awesome and the way to go and I think prayer is what finally brought me to all the things that are making me better now. 
  • Probiotics - These did make a big difference for a week or so and then it isn't as obvious. I definitely think it has to be used in combination with ACV, magnesium, fish oil, and Diatomaceous Earth. But for me none of it is enough without the DE.
  • Stopped drinking out of plastic bottles or using plastic containers. This didn't' make any difference except that I stopped drinking as much water so I just went back to using bottled water again. 
  • Tramadol - a pain pill. This works miracles when I needed to get stuff done. It is stronger than Naproxen, but keeps your head clearer than Vicodin or something. I believe it is also not habit forming like Vicodin. But you'd have to research that. Tramadol is how I worked at NBC for a season. Tramadol is how I graduated college. Tramadol is how I worked most days that I have worked in the last 5 years because by 2pm the day is over of me, until now. But what I have found is that Tramadol is just a coverup and even though I haven't found it habit forming, I do feel worse the next day without it. I'm happy to declare that since I started Diatomaceous Earth I have as much energy as Tramadol without the Tramadol. 
So there you have it. I'm going to keep tracking how I feel with DE which I take with Magnesium, ACV,  Probiotics, and fish oil, in addition to my normal medications I have to take which are Carvedilol, Aspirin, Amlodipine, and Levothyroxine. 

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life Day 9 - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue is a miracle

My husband and I at Portland Chinese Gardens a few weeks ago. This is what I look like with makeup etc.
My husband and I at Portland Chinese Gardens a few weeks ago. 

I'm up to 1 tsp in the morning, and 1 tsp in the evening and wow, I feel so happy to be alive. I do not even know the last time I thought that except within the last 9 days. I feel so different. I have a bounce in my step and I even feel like exercising.   In a second, I'll tell you about all the exercise I've been doing which isn't much for an athletic person but a TON for someone who is chronically fatigued.  Meanwhile, I just had an epiphany.

Here I have washed my face, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair.  Day 9 My skin is clearer but my bags under my eyes are better. I purposefully did not smile because I'm going to start taking a morning photo periodically to see if my bags and whites of my eyes get better. Many people say that their eyes get whiter.
here are the bags under my eyes when I wake up - day 9
People who give out health advice, such as exercise instructors, weight loss consultants,  and people who write about health and study health, they don't know what it feels like to hurt while you lay in bed, to hurt when you get up, to ache all over your body and to have no energy while at the same time feeling nauseous before and after you eat. They don't know how it feels to keep going on when you barely have enough energy just to get dressed.   Doctors want to say you are depressed. Well duh, it is depressing to feel like that BUT I did not feel depressed first and then my body got physically sick. Being sick made me feel depressed sometimes, eventually I felt like I was losing hope for my future. But I was never clinically depressed. I believe in Law of Attraction, so I rarely ever talk about my illness. But now since I've found DE, I think it is important to share how sick I really was so that if other people are that sick and can't figure out how to get better they can try this too.

Since taking Diatomaceous Earth in just this short amount of time, I feel so different. I feel so much better and I pray it continues, I want my life back. I just want to point out that I am not selling anything. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is cheap in the US $20 for 10lbs on Amazon. I am not affiliated with any company that sells it.  I've heard in the Facebook forum I read that, it is inexpensive all over the world. Also, Diatomaceous Earth is easy to do.   You just stir it into some juice, water, or smoothie.  So this is not some complicated thing. I am pretty fickle, as the title of this blog says. If something takes too much self-control or struggle I lose interest pretty easily, which is also probably due to the chronic fatigue.

People who give health advice say to just eat right and exercise. Yes, that is good, and it is also true. However,  modern medicine in the US barely refer to all the toxins and parasites in our environment. Many people hear the word parasite and are grossed out immediately and don't even want to learn about it. But parasites are not only tapeworms. Parasites are any living organism that lives off your body and humans have many parasites. For example dandruff, athlete's foot, and yeast infections are all an overgrowth of candida or fungus, hongos, whatever you want to call it.  There are microscopic organisms on our skin, in our blood, and in our digestion. Then of course there are actual worms. Now in the forums I've been reading many people talk about worms and even check their stool for worms. I have not seen anything, but I have to just guess that with how very sick I have been that I may have some type of animal that has lived in my body. I haven't seen anything from looking at my dookie at distance. But why else is my transformation so strong?  There are these things called liver flukes.   I'm really not sure if I have any of this but if I do I want them gone. Better out than in right?

Parasites in our bodies crave sugars. So another epiphany I had is what if Americas obesity problem is really a parasitic problem? When people have certain parasites they crave bad foods such as sugar and carbs, yet at the same time they never feel full.  I used to feel like that but it went away at some point.  Now for the past several years I really didn't eat that much and most of the day I didn't even feel hungry yet, I was gaining weight. I gained about 5lbs a year for the last several years.  Everyone said it's just age. I'm almost 45. I was just getting worse and worse. You can even see it in my past posts I was desperately trying to figure out what is wrong with me. What if all my illnesses are traced back to some microscopic parasite? Only time can tell.
A blurry snapshot of our dog at the back door. 

About the exercise here is everything I did yesterday. After I wrote the blog post I tried to take my doggy for a bike ride. That is Lady Chihuahua. She just about killed me so I ended up walking the bike around the block, and when we got close to the house I dropped the leash and let her run free and rode back fast.   Then I put her in the backyard and rode around the block again. Then a little later I actually got her and ran for about 30 seconds.  Then when my husband came home we went for a 4-mile bike ride. Then I went for a tiny walk with my daughter to walk her friend home. And I wasn't even physically tired afterward.   My family and I periodically do 5-10-mile bike rides but it is few and far between and only if I'm having a good day. Right now every day is a good day. I feel like suddenly I understand what athletic people feel like. They have so much energy that they want to run and exercise naturally, not forced but naturally like breathing and eating.   I have never felt like that. Ever since I was a child exercise has been something I have to talk myself into. I like it while I'm doing it, but I never have a huge drive to do it other than the fact that I know I'll feel better later.

This morning I even took the dog for a 1-minute run. It was short but it is progress, and longer than yesterday.

Weight is 185.2, waist 36.25, neck 13.5,

That is all for now.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland