Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth changed my life Day 4

Day 4 was Saturday September 26, 2015.   I woke up physically feeling good but emotionally I felt bad because again my husband was gone and we had been sort of arguing. I think because I am sick all the time that he has been trying to get away so he doesn't have to be home with me being ill.  But this day I was feeling good. I decided that since I was feeling good with 1/4 teaspoon I would increase my dosage to 1/2 teaspoon  twice daily. Ultimately you want to get up to 1 tablespoon twice a day for optimal results.

So I laid there in my bed completely awake feeling better than normal with nothing to do. After so long being sick I've distanced myself friend all friends and family that I would normally spend time with so it was weird I had energy and nothing to do. That made me feel a little bit sorry for myself.

Then something interesting happened. My eldest son came over to visit with me and we got to have a great conversation. He brought me a bike. He always brings me gifts. I am so lucky.

Then while I was talking to him, my 12-year-old daughter said her friend was having problems and wanted to come over to talk to me. So as I was finishing talking to my son and catching up, my daughters friend came over and I started talking to her. Then while I was talking to her my niece called and said that her mom was going to the hospital and her and her little brother wanted to come over. Turns out my sister in law had an appendicitis. So my son had left, I helped my daughters friend, and I picked up my niece and nephew.  My husband came home and we caught up on everything happening all at once.   We made dinner. I was in a fabulous mood, no more pain killers, still had energy and enthusiasm.  We played monopoly. We played PS3 Just dance, and we laughed and had fun.  I took my 2nd dosage.

It was a good day. I was feeling good till about 10pm and then I felt tired.