Saturday, June 20, 2015

Appreciating your life as it is now, is the way to get prosperity

The power of flowI sit here this summer evening enjoying the fresh soft wind caress my skin as I sit on my porch swing that matches my ranch style house in a suburb of Portland.  We are so fortunate  to have this house with a pretty good size lot 7550 square foot lot.   I have a wonderful husband, 3 healthy children. The photos at the top of this blog need to be changed because my girl is 12, my little boy is 9 and tall, and my eldest - not pictured is 23 and just graduated Oregon State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and just moved in with his girlfriend. I now, as of 12/2013 have a BA in Film and I have a project that has a possibility of some large successes. In my back yard we have a small garden in the corner, a covered patio, and then 3 trees that are the perfect spot for an awesome treehouse, but as of yet has a hammock hanging between 2.  There is a little shed in the back for tools. An over-sized 2 car garage. We also have 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. Plus my husband is just completing a small addition for my office, a 6' x 10' square foot space with lots of light. The kitchen isn't huge but it has a wide aisle, larger than many. I'm so lucky, I know it. I've had some pretty serious health problems and am trying to figure out how to get better but I am so lucky that I have a husband that understands and supports me while I try to carve out my future with my project and career. Really this lifestyle is a miracle. Truly a miracle. We went through some very hard times which ended in 2009 when I came back to the US. The poverty we experienced allowed me to go to college with the full grants and loans and it also gave me the point of view to know how great I have it now. In my front yard of my house there is a pretty long grass/garden area that has some beautiful trees, a large Douglas fir, a Pine tree, 2 baby maples, 2 different types of ferns and several bulbs, flowers, a few roses, and some sculpted bushes. We went through this home buying program that got us into this house where we only saved 2k ( really don't know how we did it but we did), and it gave us 12k down, then because we hadn't owned a home in over 3 years we were considered first time home buyers and got a great interest rate 3.125.   I mean we really are so lucky. I'm saying all this because I now truly believe that gratitude and positive expectation are the way. The way to go. The path. The path to what we want. The path to what you truly want. 

If you are reading my blog for the first time you won't know that I often post stuff about my spiritual journey.  I'm not really sure if I have any long time readers.  But today I want to talk about spiritual stuff again.  In my search to get centered, in my search to overcome my health issues, in my search to really get back to that zest for life that I had back in the late 90's after I first left my first husband, I have been led to the Abraham Hicks books and recordings.   I think I've always been searching for my spirituality but there are times when I let life's circumstances lead me down my path. In the late 90's I accidentally found the simplest form and I believe the secret to really getting aligned with spirit without complicating things. I came across the book (pictured above)"The Power of Flow"\

This book is a fun and easy read. It gets you excited about what I think is one of the very secrets of life, but without having to know the exact mechanism. I've really gone through a lot since the days when I read "The Power of Flow".  But there was a time, after reading this, and reading Shakti Gawain Creative visualization, as well that I could live life with the expectation, thinking 'What exciting thing is life going to bring me today?' 

But, something happened to me after I got with my husband. I sort of lost that ability to not overthink things. I had a young son and then we had 2 more children, and we were dealing with all of my husbands immigration issues, an international move, and then my strokes, and me going back to college.  Somehow little by little through all that, I became a big ball of worry, stress, and health problems.

But now everyday for about 6 weeks, I've been listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube. It is so good. But it's not really for beginners in spirituality because they talk about a lot of concepts that might trip you out. If you are just beginning to find your spirituality I think you should start with easy stuff like the 2 books I mentioned above but if you have been trying to find your way for a long time and know all the different metaphysical stuff that is out there, you should really check it out. It is basically about law of attraction. In fact The Secret book etc, was originally going to feature Abraham Hicks but after some legal clearances in the process their material was removed. Anyway, I have been studying it and studying it. Listening and trying to wrap my brain around it, and really she/they say the same things over and over. But they are trying to drill it into your head, and if you've seen The Secret you've heard this, how you feel is the most important thing in life and really your barometer of if you are thinking correctly

There are many layers to these teachings but after listening to these for 1/2 hour to 2 hours a day for over a month I really get it.  The secret to getting what you want is simply to appreciate what you have now, and also to expect good things. Be excited about what is coming. Be excited about  who you might meet, what you might see, what people are going to come into your life, what experiences you are going to have each day.  

If you feel pain try to focus on things that make you happy, rather than deny the pain, just focus on happy stuff and be excited about what is going to happen next. I believe it really is that simple. And that is what they have been saying. For a complicated over thinker, like myself it seems hard to believe it is really that simple. But it is. And strangely I found it on accident, before these last 20 years of additional learning that I've done.  I'm back to square one doing the power of flow. 

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