Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life is like a video game, my thoughts on suicide

Recently a 12 year old girl in my area, the daughter of a friend of a friend, committed suicide. This happened about 2 weeks after I found out that my daughters 12 year old friend was saying she wanted to kill herself. She is really a sweet girl and she even told my daughter that I can help them when they have problems. So that got me thinking about what I can do and I figured out what I can do is talk about what I've learned during my life and in my spiritual research.

Now at age 44 I have met people who have tried to commit suicide, and helped people who were considering it.

This is what I have learned: Committing suicide is a complete waste of time, literally, if you do succeed you are basically forcing your soul to start over and to re-experience all the trials and challenges you just went through. Here's why, we chose to come here! Life is a series of us experiencing everything there is to experience. We will come back here as everything that is on earth. I know it sounds strange and crazy but after years and years of searching and learning I finally saw a video of Delores Cannon (more info about the video I saw below. ) We are here going on the big ride. That is how many Near Death Experiencer's explain it, life is like going to the carnival.  We are lucky that we are the ones who get to go. We plan all this interesting stuff to do while we are incarnated on earth, but the problem is that when we are here we forget everything we knew on the other side, and have to figure it out again.  That is the game. Life is a game we play with ourselves.

Here is the biggest problem with suicide- life is like a video game where you have to complete one level to get to the next level. The way you win the game is by choosing love and forgiveness all the time. But if you are playing the game and then you quit in the middle because it's too hard, or you forget why you are here, the next time you come back to the game what is going to happen?  You basically just hit the off switch in the middle of the game and you have to start back at the beginning of the level you were at.

People who die and see the other side are usually sent back and told very specifically that they still have work todo.  Some are offered the choice to come back.

But knowing this hasn't   been all that helpful in trying to help someone who is considering suicide. Especially someone who is very young. These concepts may be so out there they don't absorb it.

I think next what a person who is depressed, or considering suicide needs if faith and hope.  Find a way to help them have faith and hope that everything will get better, time goes on.  Life get's better.

If you are interested in the talk by Delores Cannon, here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ucn3Xswv4Q
 a few disclaimers if you want to watch that video later. Disregard the labeling and the forum and try not to get held up by the funkier stuff that she is talking about.  There is some real truth there, I know it.  Fascinating stuff about what it's like to be different animals.  What is time.  She explains how while she was doing hypnotherapy people would regress back to past lives, and then later a voice started to talk to her after the hypnotherapy sessions were over.  She began to ask questions. This is really fascinating.