Thursday, March 12, 2015

Juice Diet = inspired by Fat Sick and Nearly Dead - Day 4

If you are fat, sick, and nearly dead you may want to watch this documentary. which was available on Netflix and should be easily found.

I'm not 300lbs but I have somehow steadily gone up and up. When I lived in Mexico I was 165 ish, and now I'm 190.  Well that was until a few days ago. I had watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a few months ago and saw how 2 guys did the juicing diet and felt healthier and better. There was also a lady that implemented juicing into her diet, plus countless others.

Ok here is me, I am 44, I have many health problems:
  • Hypothyroidism
  • PCOS
  • Insulin Resistance
  • GERD
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic Hypertension
  • History of Strokes (5)
  • Mirena IUD for 5.5 years  (caused several health problems)
I've also had these surgeries in my lifetime:
  • Kidney Stone
  • Foot Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
  • 1/2 of my thyroid was removed
  • 3 Natural births

Needless to say I am chronically fatigued, and it has just gotten worse through the years.  I've been trying and trying to figure out how to get better (with no help from my medical doctor) and I know because of my conflicting health conditions I cannot only juice. Plus  I have never been successful dieting.

For me this is a lifestyle change to become more healthy, not a lose weight diet. That is a benefit of this but not the goal. I just want to feel better. So what I have decided to do is to drink fresh Juice From a Juicer until dinner time where I eat basically what ever I want for dinner. I have also decided to try to stop drinking milk, trying to stay away from yogurt as well, and I'm also trying to generally stay away from bread. I've been doing it for 3 days and I'm already down 5lbs.  And the truth is I feel better than I have in a very very long time.  I have been waking up in the morning earlier and easily rather than dragging myself out of bed.  I have even had the feeling to clean and fix up the house myself, which has been gone for years.   **** SEE NOTE BELOW ON WHAT CHANGES I MADE BEFORE I STARTED THE JUICE DIET*****

I bought that Hamilton Big Mouth Pro Juicer and it has been great. At first I was juicing mostly fruit juices but I can make my own V8 Juice it tastes so good.

I clean it after every use and I just make what I'm going to drink, because I read somewhere the nutrients are better that way.

This morning I made a juice that I loved. I don't care for beets in my smoothies but juicing them is good. I started with

  • 1 peeled grapefruit 
  • 1 peeled beet (if its washed well you may not need to peel it but mine were already peeled) 
  • 1 peeled chunk of ginger about 1 inch by 1 inch 
  • 1 apple 
 This was really good. It was surprising. The easy go to that my husband likes is

  • 4 carrots - washed and ends cut off
  • 2 apples  cut in half or quarters  I leave the seeds in and it doesn't seem to be a problem
  • 1 small piece of ginger - very small. like a 1/8" slice 

I've been trying so many different things here are some notes about what I've tried.

  • Spinach ( seems to basically waste most of it. I think it would be a good idea to do the spinach first and then take the pulp out and sauté it because it seems like it is just chopped spinach in the pulp container)
  • Carrots (go with everything but if you  mix orange and green it may turns an ugly color  - try it on your own but kids... they  may not want to try it if its brown)  
  • Apples - goes great with most things and brings a nice sweetness
  • Oranges - works well but put them in first before harder ingredients
  • Ginger - is spicy and depends on whether your stomach can handle it. If you are ever worried you might have a parasite drink lots of ginger because it kills parasites. But it also clears out your bowls. If you've been constipated for a long time, a large dose of ginger may cause cramping because like I said it really cleans you out, so in that case start with a small dose and see if it helps then the next day you can try more.  
  • Grapefruit - this surprisingly enough is a great addition to just about anything. I don't know the health benefits of this but if you are curious check out the link below. 
  • Tomatoes - wow so fresh and it really tastes like v8 if you thrown in some other veggies
  • Mint - I put a little mint in a few of my juices. Barely any juice comes out and it does seem like a waste but we are thinking health here and its an easy way to get  some more green. 
  • Jalapeno - this is really good in the Tomato juice
  • Tomatillos - this is a great tart or slightly sour flavor that is delicious I highly recommend giving it a try
  • cilantro - fresh yummy try it out and combine it 
  • Beets  - very messy but delicious, I was so surprised. And Beets are supposed to be really good for detoxing your body. 
Here is a link to Joes website with nutritional value of different fruits and veggies-

I'll take some photos and keep updating. 

Happy Thursday. 

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland, Oregon

***I think it is fair warning to say that in my search to try to get better, I've slowly been trying to phase out all GMO foods, it is sometimes hard to avoid, especially with Organic fruits and veggies usually costing more.  I also stopped drinking coffee about a month ago. I'm did it because it causes me heart palpitations and even though I know coffee is good for the memory I just want to feel better.   Another thing I've been doing for about 3 months is  doing the 8  minute abs on youtube. These are all things I implemented weeks or months ago. ****

UPDATE: MAY - 2015.  I still am doing juice a few times a week but I found that eating healthy all the time and exercise makes me lose size. Though I do feel good when I juice. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

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