Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wild Teenage Years, and a very specific date from my Auto-Writing Post 5

Yesterday Junie and I went downtown to OHSU to participate in a paid study about ADHD. No medications are involved and June doesn't even have ADD or ADHD but because we both got to earn money for answering some questions, and her playing some games, we decided to do it. I do have very strong opinions about ADHD and I'm hoping that a solution without medication can be found for future children.
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On the long winding drive up there June was enjoying having mommy to herself.  I told her if we are selected to continue the study for the other 2 sessions we should take the tram. Doesn't that look like fun?

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After the 9000 questions he asked me about June's behaviors and if she has ever exhibited certain traits, he moved on to ask me questions about my history as a teen and child.

That brought back some things I haven't thought about in a long time. My teen years are so far behind me and are such a stark contrast to who I am now.

I've written about my wild teen years on this blog before.  To re-cap, I was a wild teen. My Mother was in and out of our house since I was 2, because of her mental illness. When I was about 10 she was gone for good. At that point my dad was a single Father with  2 kids and 2 businesses.  As long as I went to school and did all the grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and some of the cleaning,  he didn't worry too much about what I was doing afterward. And that is when I was a wild child. I was having sex at an early age, drinking, trying drugs, I was completely backwards from the average person. From 13-18 I was very wild and then at 18 I calmed down and stayed calm until about 27 when my Dad was dying of cancer and I was getting a divorce. Then I was  wild again for 2 years and then back to Friday night at Home Depot.

I don't regret any of the things I've been through because those experiences have brought me to where I am today. But answering those questions made it very clear who I was then. And it made me wonder how much am I still like that now? I was a  rebel, who fought authority, questioned authority, did not trust authority. I had big dreams, no mentor but big dreams.

So back to yesterday, after he would ask me if I drank, or did anything illegal between the ages of 12 & 17,  I would answer, and then he would ask me if those activities inhibited my day to day functions in any way. That was pretty difficult for me to answer. I mean how many 12 year-old's do all the grocery shopping, laundry and cooking for their family now days?

Once he established that I got out of that life, he asked me if I went through any counselling programs, went to jail, or any program that helped me get out of that type of life.

Interestingly enough I did not. I  just evolved. I was never addicted to anything and behavior wise my best friend and I did some pretty bad stuff. At 13 and 14 my friend and I started garbage cans on fire, and even burned a bunch of toilet paper in the concrete bathrooms at the local park. We also did some spray painting, at one point our spray painting of FTW, which was "Fuck the World", made the news that  gangs  were moving into Southeast Portland . But no, it was just me and my friend being wild. But I moved away and grew up.

I answered everything completely truthful, that is how I am.  But it was very strange thinking of my life back then.  I have first hand experience about what it is like to get into trouble at a young age, and that is why I watch my daughter very closely. No one was watching me and no one was watching my best friend when we were running wild in Portland. Parents, stay involved with your teens if you  can.


Today I am going to ask a question about whether Discovery is actually going to do anything with my tv show. This  should be interesting.

Q. Dear God I am wondering if Discovery is going to go forward with my project and if so when?

A. it is said that the show will air on November 14th, 2016 it will be made from a combination of your efforts and the efforts of a studio named black media aspires. 


That blew my mind, I tried to get clarification but it just got crazier so I decided to leave it with this. There you have it. I've seen lots of predictions come true but I have never made it public, until now so lets see if this happens or not. It is amazing that I got such a specific answer. We'll see.