Monday, November 3, 2014

Fear of making new friends - Auto-writing Post 4

The first part was written 10/30/2014

Between last night and today I have gotten so much done. I'm updating my portfolio online -, and today I went on a field trip with my son.  It was pretty fun we went to the Oregon Children's Theater and we got to see a free play, Ivy and Bean

On the field trip today,  I still am having my problem with connecting with new people. I know  many people say my problem isn't a problem at all, because I do connect to people all the time. But I'm one of those people who develops meaningful relationships with a few friends but doesn't make friends easily.

My best friend is able to connect with almost every person she comes across. It makes me feel like I have so much room for improvement.  

Some people say that I don't have an issue at all, different people have different strengths, and that is why I should find people to fill in where I have gaps. That is what I  did when we went to Film-Com, Laura and I flew to Nashville for the Film, Financing and Distribution event in June of this year. Laura was my Public Relations person who stood next to me and smiled and engaged people who were walking by. Sometimes I am able to do that, but I can't turn it on and off when I want. I often feel awkward and distrustful of strangers, I guess my deeper fear is that people will hurt me and I truly need to get past that.  So that is what I am going to ask about today.

2nd part written 11/3/2014

Q. Dear God I am trying the affirmation about kindness from a few days ago,  but I'm still not able to feel comfortable with new people.  Please tell me a way to deal with this issue that I am having.

A. In gratitude we stand, in gratitude we operate. If you become grateful with all the new people who have become your friends your anxiety will ease.  You will realize all relationships start by being new. Take for example the woman with whom you met on Wednesday, she is relatively new to you.  You were able to open your energy to her and to be excited about what is to come. Take that idea in your mind and cultivate it.  Stand with the energy you shared and empathize with all people who you cannot connect. You may be projecting your fears onto them but it is time to come to a realization it all originates in your mind. You are the successor of your fears.


Reading this wondering what that means - It feels profound - "you are the successor of your fears"  I searched successor trying to get clarification.

I guess it means I own my fears. Maybe it means I make my own fears I brought them on myself.

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