Monday, October 27, 2014

Laying it out on the line my beliefs in woo woo, Delores Cannon died, and my auto-writing.

There are woo woo things that most people don't talk about unless you are very brave (** woo woo is Kimberly Clark Sharp's term for unexplained paranormal events Kimberly Clark Sharp's book "After The Light" )  With me having done the short film Surviving Death, and trying to get the TV show Consciousness Continues put on TV,  you would be correct to think that I am into Woo Woo stuff.

But I am NOT a die hard fanatic about things such as conspiracy's, aliens, ghosts, etc.   I have some firm believes on certain things, like I KNOW there is more than what we see. I just know it.  I know the soul goes beyond the body.  I know that we have a connection that we can all access.

Another thing I am NOT is religious. I do not follow any particular religion. I do not believe that we are punished for not following a certain set of arbitrary rules.

US Bank ATM clamped down on this $20.  
I do believe that energy is  in everything, I do believe that we have a crazy amount of power within us. I know that we can change our realities with belief and feelings. My husband pretends to nod along with this but as he sometimes in the same day balks at me saying to think positive thoughts about our car, which will not pass DEQ, he will also realize that while swimming the length of the pool at the community center his thoughts cause him to panic and think that he cannot make it, therefore causing a panic.  He once broke an ATM because he was scared of it not working, since it was his first time to deposit cash without a deposit slip nor envelope. Sure enough the ATM did not work.  He is supportive but sometimes I think he fakes it and also tries to ride the line of Catholicism.

Anyway, what I am trying to bring up is Delores Cannon.  I came across the below video this year - I know that this is going to freak people out and possibly even make people think I'm a little or a lot off because this very long interview rings true to me. P.S. Delores died last week.

What I felt like when I saw this is that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  If I would have saw this 10 years ago I probably would have dismissed it as way too far out there.

Delores is a  Regressionist and Psychic Researcher who specializes in recovery and catalog of lost knowledge. What it means is through Hypnotherapy sessions with thousands of people she has received messages that continue from one session with one person to the next. This video discusses her findings. She has dozens of books and is highly respected.

I saw in another interview that she started doing this work in the 60's even before the works of Edgar Cayce were published, he did the research decades before but it was not made public until the 70's.So anyway earlier this year I had come across that video and for some reason it rang true to me. I realize the concepts are very far out there but to me it makes sense and resonates with me as being true somehow.

So there it is,  I believe in weird stuff.

And I do automatic writing that actually has predicted many things in my life. I just had the epiphany that I will start doing auto-writing posts here so that I can document if I make a prediction or not. If you have a question I can answer through auto-writing, post it here and I will do it.  I can channel some type of higher consciousness. I've just never embraced it but I have done automatic writing since the 90's and stored it away. Some of it is saved in Mexico, some of it is on my computer, some of it is in notebooks.

That's it. This may lose some people and may bring new readers. But I'm into woo woo.

Leave a question in the comments I'll do a post about that question.

Blessings always,
PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland.