Monday, October 27, 2014

How to get out of limbo - Auto-Writing Post 1

Today I am going to go public with my auto-writing if you want to see all my posts with auto-writing going forward, click on the label to the right that says auto-writing

My first step in Auto-writing that is most effective is to ask a question and listen for what comes back, and sometimes the message seems convoluted, but usually when I go back to read it later it makes more sense.

I'm not really sure where to start until people give me a question they want answered, so I will just make up a question. I will post the auto-writing in italics, and it will only be edited to make it understandable.

October 27, 2014 3:06 pm Pacific Time, Portland Oregon, sitting at my desk, living room.

Q. Dear God - I feel as if I am in a limbo, a little lost because I'm not sure what to do going forward for my career. Please tell me if I'm going in the right direction and what my next steps should be.

A. You write about this as if it is a question to be determined by the under mind of the whole.  But it is actually something that can originate with your being.  You need to be honest with your being about what you want. A connection to others is important, not just a message to the world. you must invest more into the connection of people than the message to them. 

Q. OK that makes complete sense but what I'd like to know is what should I do right now going forward to bring my aspiration of financial abundance, to uplift media in the world, and as a career?

A. Right this moment making your connection public is a good step, you have a kind heart but hide it under a complex system of supposed official tasks.  Your core of kindness will truly show you what you really need to do.  Make personal connections, give to others, service, and the answer to your career will come. The monetary reward you search is not possible if you do not do that. Love comes first. Not just when you have time to schedule it in. 

Q. Will I make it with my television show?

A.  You are on the brink of success, keep steadfast, make your kindness a part of who you are again, make connections and it will flow like agua from a spring to your life in unbelievable ways. Love for the centeredness of all, intention, for the love of one, the true and holy essence. It is spoken to be more like him, like Jesus, we say that you are able to do this in a way that others are not  aware. You struggle to do this every moment, every day you are met with the pain of the body, the uncomfortable cravings of the soul and body in influx. You can bring the essence to you, closer to you and you will have a joy that has only been tasted by you, but you will live it and share it and truly inspire the people you chose to inspire. This joy can translate to many but not exactly the way you are now. You must be fully true to everyone with it. You must live and acknowledge this connection and become who it is you must speak from the connection. You must not let life on this balance be what distracts you from your true kindness of one and kindness of all. It is said that is so. Affirm it. Affirm that you are of kindness and breathing kindness, living forgiveness. forever grateful, and loving. bring that energy into your life, become one with that. The essence. Let it be so. 

Q. How can I start to make these personal connections of kindness you talk about. Please Dear God please give me ideas of how to begin .

A. In the instance of connection, you must be present in the moment when another soul is by you. If a soul is by you acknowledge them, speak a word from the heart, any word, do not worry if it is the correct word, take the time to slow down and acknowledge that person or people. That is a beginning to the kindness we speak of.