Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let go of the Unwanted - Auto-Writing Post 2

Good morning world! Today I feel great, I'm doing the affirmation from yesterday

"affirm that you are of kindness and breathing kindness, living forgiveness. forever grateful, and loving" 

I am made of Kindness, I breathe kindness, I live forgiveness, forever grateful, and loving

Today I still don't have any questions from people to ask so I'll ask my own question.

Q. What should I talk about tomorrow in my meeting with the publisher?

A. You have the answers to all your questions, follow the guidance we give. Tomorrow is a day of fortune for you. You will move beyond a block you've had. Going forward is the most trying issue you are dealing with. Take the time to see where your thoughts lead you. Determine if they are the most beneficial to your well-being. Let go of the unwanted. Trust this.

I'm feeling great and I don't have any other questions today. If anyone wants to ask a question I let me know. I'd love to see what comes through for other people.