Monday, September 29, 2014

The fall

The blackberries are all dried up and the sun-dried grass was almost white.  We headed out to St. Louis ponds for the free family fishing only to find out that the event was rescheduled.  That day the car was steaming and leaking water and it got progressively worse until we realized we could not drive it anymore until we figured out if there was a hose loose or if the heater core was broken.

I've been reading "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Living the Art of Allowing," by Esther Hicks, (Abraham). A gift which was given to me from my very good friend P. R. Tooke, just one week ago.

Her and I are both sort of in a holding pattern.  We have our dreams and aspirations accessible and we have the skills, we even have enough of the right connections.  But we are stuck in the steps of reaching our dream either repeating old life habits, of what we thought we knew to be true or what we do to bring more money in,  out of a feeling of not having enough.

So that day with the car I had been rudely shoving the very clearly written law of attraction pointers in my husbands face. He was getting pretty irritated with me and doing a lot of nodding his head, but perhaps not really listening at all. When the kids accidentally shut the seat belt into the door and caused the door to become completely stuck. I began laughing. I am not the best at the law of attraction but I do know that some of the negative thoughts that my husband has are making him suffer and he is far more powerful than he gives himself credit for.

To sum up what I have read so far and I am only on page 87:
1)Law of attracting is actually about the vibration of feelings you have. If what you want and what you feel are different you are sending mixed messages you won't get what you want.

2) What is referred to in the book as a "Rocket of Desire", meaning a sudden burst of feelings, will often override what you original intent is and make that come true.

Enrique and I both want health, wealth, fun, laughter, abundance.  But, that dang car keeps having a lot of little problems.  Enrique wants the car to run well, and really doesn't want to work on it anymore. (We are so lucky that he has the skills and network to work on it, or we would have spent probably $10k on working on it).  But then again maybe it has so many problems because of how much he hates working on it.

I believe that because he feels so strongly about it being a pain in the booty, and he is tired of working on it he is drawing the vibration of working on it to him.  Recently, we had just spent all this time and money buying new sensors $260. in order to get the car to pass DEQ, and we were driving it  to St. Louis Ponds, he was very frustrated because we couldn't seem to get the check engine light to go off.

Then we went on that drive and the heater core blew and he must have had that thought, that toxic thought, we all know someone who does this, "What else can go wrong now?".  Guess what? That is like asking the universe for something to go wrong. Ask and you shall received, the door was stuck and I just started laughing and I asked him to please not get mad at me, but did he happen to hold the thought "What else can go wrong now?"  And he did.

The next day he got everything working, except heat, he did a work around. But it appears we will make it through DEQ.  But, we are thinking to sell the car so he can step out of this pattern that seems to be repeating itself.

About my project - Surviving Death is getting views on a constant basis, and the people give me the most wonderful comments.  I hear "Best NDE film out there."  And "Beautiful film". Stuff like that.  But the money to produce it has not come yet, and instead of being stuck in a holding pattern waiting I am going to try to get funds another way. If you want to follow other progress on the project go to our facebook page -

If you haven't watched Surviving Death for awhile, take a look.