Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The mind is a powerfull thing - expect good things

On Friday I am graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film and Video. Many things have occurred while I was in college. I started when I had to be separated from my husband for awhile. We had some tragedy and started from the bottom financially. But it was all in the plan. In 2006 when we decided to move to Mexico we had a plan. I've mentioned it many times here. We would sell the 5 bed 3 bath house in Portland, Oregon and try out our lives in mexico. We would buy a fixer upper and flip houses in Puerto Vallarta. We would travel to Michoacan often to visit my Suegra and other family. If we were happy we may stay and build our lives in Mexico but worse case scenario we would come back after some time to Portland and it would be a perfect time for me to go to college because we would be poor and I would be able to get student loans. Then we would start over. So pretty much everything has went down the way the outline was. We weren't able to make it in Mexico because even though we bought a fixer and fixed it up the housing market fell apart in Puerto Vallarta and then I started getting deathly ill. So In 2009 I came back.
this is the little house that wasn't little - that we sold in Portland in 2007 right before the market busted
This is the little house we bought in Puerto Vallarta the fixer
this is that Puerto Vallarta house fixed up
Puerto Vallarta Kitchen before
Puerto Vallarta kitchen after
Puerto Vallarta roof before
Puerto Vallarta room after  different angle
fields in Michoacan
We came back to the US in 2009 and started over.  In September we bought another house, we are still low income but on FRIDAY - I'm graduating from college. My loans are steep but my confidence in my skills and art are too. I'll have more time to blog again and I hope you will join me.

Lastly - remember expect good things what you mentally plan for your future really comes true. I'm living evidence. 

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland