Friday, November 22, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg is my Hero-

I watched the Immigration Hackathon live yesterday -

It had about 6 groups of people. There were  dreamers and mentors but everyone was either working in programming or computer science or in related fields in college. For 24 hours they all brainstormed and came up with web page ideas to help push Immigration Reform Forward. 

I kept following the Facebook updates of as the event played out trying to comment on what they are doing to show support and help educate the ignorant people who don't understand how things got this way.

In the past I knew was originated from Facebook but I didn't really know what Mark's involvement was. I felt admirable that he was supporting immigration reform and I figured it had more to do with Facebook. As in he wants more B1 visas and more technology visas to make him more money etc. 

But what I saw during the judging was different. It was as if this guy really has a heart. His eyes are blessed by god and filled with desire to do something good. He has been quoted saying that "This is the  biggest civil rights issues of our time."  And now I think he is not only looking out for his workers he actually cares about people, I think he really is a humanitarian. 

Who would know what he is really like?   I mean many of us saw the facebook movie. It certainly did not portray Mark in a kind hearted way.   But I look at his photo now and I see that he is a hero.  The reason is because when one of the teams had a very complete idea done that showcased our politicians voting records specifically on immigration reform and someone said "we should have that on our website now!" When Joe Green wasn't sure how to answer (probably because he needed Marks approval first) He sort of dodged the question. And then it was Marks turn to talk. Mark said "So Joe - why can't we have that on now? "   and Joe Green said "Ok lets do it". 
In that moment I saw streaming live to me a spark in Marks eyes. A determination that he knows he has power to lead the people and has good intentions. In that moment I realized he really is a Humanitarian. 

check out - for more stories. This is an interactive page. 

Yesterday I watched live as the groups presented their ideas for judging. Three groups were able to win.