Thursday, September 12, 2013

Veggies to the rescue

This week I've been eating more leafy green vegetables as well as sulfur vegetables. Yesterday I didn't eat any wheat bread. I did however try this gluten free bread made from rice flour.  The flavor is really hard to describe. The bread looks pretty much the same but biting into it feels different. It feels heartier. Like more substance to it. I happened to pick up some gluten free raisin bread with sunflower seeds.

Here is a photo from the Franz Web page 

I don't know if you can tell but the bread is spongier.

Anyway it was good to taste yet not like regular bread.

Yesterday I only ate gluten free bread, fruits, veggies, corn, and a few slices of sliced ham.

So here is the point of this blog post. I actually went for a walk today! Not a long walk but instead of having that I just want to go back into bed my body hurts feeling,  I thought " I think I'll walk with the kids and then go for a walk." Our new house is in viewing distance of the school so I have just been watching them walk to school in the morning, but today I went around the block and then did other stuff before starting my studying.
Stevia & Monk fruit

Soooo I'm still on all this medicine to control my blood pressure but I am hoping if I can increase my vegetable intake that I can reduce my intake of Amlodipine which is one of the blood pressure medicines I take that has the side effect of feet swelling.

Ohh another product I tried yesterday - rip off this liquid sweetner claims you only need 4 drops of it to sweeten something. It is liquid Stevia with Monk fruit. Cost $4 or something.  It's a lie it isn't that sweet, and it takes way more than 4 drops like 16 drops or a few flat out squirts to get it slightly sweet. So I think I'll return that.