Thursday, September 12, 2013

Veggies to the rescue

This week I've been eating more leafy green vegetables as well as sulfur vegetables. Yesterday I didn't eat any wheat bread. I did however try this gluten free bread made from rice flour.  The flavor is really hard to describe. The bread looks pretty much the same but biting into it feels different. It feels heartier. Like more substance to it. I happened to pick up some gluten free raisin bread with sunflower seeds.

Here is a photo from the Franz Web page 

I don't know if you can tell but the bread is spongier.

Anyway it was good to taste yet not like regular bread.

Yesterday I only ate gluten free bread, fruits, veggies, corn, and a few slices of sliced ham.

So here is the point of this blog post. I actually went for a walk today! Not a long walk but instead of having that I just want to go back into bed my body hurts feeling,  I thought " I think I'll walk with the kids and then go for a walk." Our new house is in viewing distance of the school so I have just been watching them walk to school in the morning, but today I went around the block and then did other stuff before starting my studying.
Stevia & Monk fruit

Soooo I'm still on all this medicine to control my blood pressure but I am hoping if I can increase my vegetable intake that I can reduce my intake of Amlodipine which is one of the blood pressure medicines I take that has the side effect of feet swelling.

Ohh another product I tried yesterday - rip off this liquid sweetner claims you only need 4 drops of it to sweeten something. It is liquid Stevia with Monk fruit. Cost $4 or something.  It's a lie it isn't that sweet, and it takes way more than 4 drops like 16 drops or a few flat out squirts to get it slightly sweet. So I think I'll return that.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Healing myself through food? A take on the hunter gatherer diet.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Last fall I had severe adrenal fatigue. I started reading
Adrenal Fatigue
(compulsive researcher) Anyway, I just got tired of my doctor always saying I'm fine. It is as if traditional doctors have a check list of concerns and if your issues do not test positive in the manner they are looking for then they decide it is all in your head. Interestingly enough in this book people that have adrenal fatigue discuss this.  After the onset of my Hypertension in 2007 when I lived in Mexico I started experiencing severe fatigue. It may be a reaction to the medicine(s) or just years of eating wrong, or both.

Little by little I think our collective unconscious is coming to a conclusion that what we eat has drastic effects on us. With gluten, genetically modified, and process foods maybe we need to eat better.

By fall 2012 I could not get through the day without taking Tramadol. I had been diagnosed with a list of issues from my doctor and in order to handle the pain I was taking ibuprofen but now days my stomach couldn't handle most pain relievers OTC or otherwise. My Doctor prescribed me Tramadol in 2010, which is said to be easier on the stomach,  and it worked like a miracle for me. Suddenly I could once again work long hours and keep going late into the night such as I've been accustomed to for the last 20 years.   This is all symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue or variations of it.  My symptoms did not fit perfectly with what was described but I am certain there are shades of grey. I got to the point where I felt like I couldn't get out of bed and the only way I could do anything was by taking the Tramadol. I didn't develop a huge addiction to the Tramadol where I was taking more and more it was always one per day,  but the time I needed it got earlier and earlier.  By last fall I was so exhausted I started laying in bed and watching TV. That is always a sign that I am severely fatigued. I deplore laying in bed and watching TV except right before bed or as a family event watching a movie. *the reason why is a whole other story. Anyway, so little by little I tried to make changes that were described in the Adrenal Fatigue book. I started taking Milk Thistle because I found it at Target on clearance. It was one of the vitamins described in the book as helping. I also started taking a B complex. And I took a complimentary bottle of Adrenal fatigue formula supplied with the purchase of the book. The book also described  a diet that was beneficial but I wasn't quite ready to implement it.

So summing that up I healed myself. I got myself completely off the Tramadol by about February and got better. I had a little more energy and was feeling optimistic.

Now fast forward to now.  Under stress I always take it out on my body. I do not nourish properly, nor exercise properly and I push myself too hard. Just like as the Adrenal Fatigue book describes. I'm back on Tramadol just to get through the day. There is something wrong with my body. I am in excruciating pain, my feet are swelling constantly, my joints are tight in the morning I can feel stiffness in my hands. I am a complete Ocean in the morning (beach joke).

A month ago I came across this Ted talk.  I don't have MS but I recommend this video for anyone who feels their health is not optimal.   She talks about how to go to a more hunter gatherer diet.  So gradually, after years of reading eat more leafy green veggies I am starting.  AND I think I'm going to try to eliminate gluten.  I'll report how I feel soon.

Wish me luck.  Trying to eat our way healthy.

PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland