Friday, July 5, 2013

does a tank top make you a tramp? give me a break!

So I think I've ranted on here a few times about how at the age of 38 when I started Art College I kept hearing the words "learn how to think more critically".  I'm always thinking that I've spent this first 38 years of my life trying to teach myself how to not judge people.

At this point in my life to be taught how to think critically seems like such a waste of time.

However, with just 6 classes sitting between me and my college diploma I have become another critical film student. I guess it was inevitable.  Critical thinking seems to come naturally with knowledge. After 4 years of education on film-making  I fixate on certain artistic choices directors make. I have tried not to let critical thinking infest the rest of my life.

So why do I bring this up? This morning I found myself irritated witnessing what I guess is a common conversation all over this world. The conversation started out as just a parenting conversation but then somehow segued into a conversation about appropriate dress so as not to appear like a  tramp.

I normally would have turned and walked away as quickly as possible. I do not need to be involved in a lesson on another way to judge people. I do care what people wear. I may sometimes form opinions on accident based on dress but I do my darnedest to not do that.

How can people that are supposedly so Christian, or believe themselves to be with god and whatnot think it is ok to force such judgement on other people because of the clothes they wear. I mean really, does showing a little cleavage make a person a bad person.  Does not wearing a bra mean you are promiscuous?  I do not care, nor care to speculate.  However I would like to somehow welcome others to join with me and not judge people by their clothes.

Is that possible? Can we do that?