Monday, March 18, 2013

Reward chart - goes digital

oK Moms - Lets talk chores and rewards - I don't know if you have this problem but I was trying to motivate my kids by having a monetary reward list on the wall for each chore, and all my kids had to do was do the chores and write down the money and I would initial. For some reason that worked ok with Teal when he was little but with my 2 littlest and the digital age they don't seem to care. sooooo I decided to look for an app to help with behavior and chores and tried several out. I finally found one that is customizable and works great and the best part - The kids are completely motivated - 

I've added categories for all the chores split out into tiny steps like dishes 1 (means put dishes away), dishes 2 (wash dishes), dishes 3 (clean up counters). Etc etc. and then you can add the rewards. I've added play outside as the cheapest at 3 poitns and watch tv is 4. If they are bad you give them a thumbs down for the appropriate category which means they are one less point, and they can't redeem their rewards until they have enough points. If they use them to go outside and then want to watch tv they have to do more chores. Like reading, homework. My kids love it and so do I. And the good thing is the list of thumbs up and thumbs down resets each night. but the points stay. 

Peace out!