Friday, February 1, 2013

The Musical Chums - this song Laurelhurst inspires me

The longer this song goes on it just keeps getting better and better.

This song inspires me. It's by a friend Brian Moodhe. I haven't seen him for a very long time. We were classmates. I think I saw him in a class in October 2012. We didn't greet each other and I was curious to see how he was, but there were so many people in that class that I wanted to catch up with I just missed him and then I think he dropped the class.

I knew that he used to be in a Metal Band - and he even gave me a cd but I'm not into Metal Anymore. I was into metal in about 1986 when I was a troubled teen. But not anymore.

Going to the Art Institute is really a trip because we are all going a hundred miles an hour trying to make our dreams come true and we look at each other like we are just classmates. But the truth is every one of us are Artists. We did not want to go to a normal college where you get a business degree, and we decided that an Art Degree might be the closest thing to what we want to do with our time/life.

The Art Institute costs probably 4-6 times as much as other colleges do. It is supposedly around the same price as an Ivy League College except it is easy to get into. However, I've noticed the only people that get past the first year have to be driven and artistic in some way. And the only people that make it to the end have to push themselves and push themselves. That might be true of any degree but I just know as a mother, artist, and college student, with health issues I often push myself to exhaustion.

I'm supposed to graduate in the next couple of terms and this video with Brian, who we had a disagreement the last time I talked to him but he reminded me with this video just how talented everyone is. It is amazing. I love this song and I think it has the potential to be big. If you love it find Brian Moodhe on facebook and tell him.