Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black History Month - equality - American Social and Cultural History

I have been so busy.  Soo busy with my documentary about Near Death Experiences. Trying to raise awareness of this issue.  If you are interested in checking it out go to

I'm always and acutely aware of racism, equal rights and prejudice. My son showed me the below video yesterday. He is in a generation which is  RIGHT ON facing the next equal rights issue that we are all aware of and that is equality with sexual preference.

This song is by a popular group that puts together the civil rights fight with the fight for equal rights for all. Listen to the words, this song is just wonderful. There are many parts of the lyrics I love but right now it is "No freedom until we are equal, you're dam right I support it".

I'm nearing the end of my degree. Can you believe that I'm almost there? My life (other than my health issues) is really coming out the way I planned in 2006, be careful what you look forward to because it really happens. When we lived in Portland before we moved to Mexico we flat out planned these events:

  • Sell house
  • Move to mexico
  • Vacation 
  • Buy a house 
  • Fix it up
  • Spend all the money
  • Sell the house 
  • Come back repurchase what we needed. 
At that point we would be poor enough to qualify for student loans and grants and I could go to college.  We would be poor for a few years while I was going to college,  then we would purchase a house and get back to where we were before hand.  And then we will have a lot of money. We seriously have been planning to have a lot of money, so since we planned all this brokenness I'm very ready to be blessed with financial abundance. Because everything has went exactly how we planned it. I believe in the law of attraction I just know it will come.

About my history class... I'm in this class about the 60's and a first I was VERY frustrated because the class is taught by Steve Applebaum a Caucasian man who says the 60's was all about the music. And for me that didn't make any sense because to me the 60's were about equal rights and community. Though I was born in 71 I've always been interested in the 60's.  We didn't even start to learn about equal rights issues for 3 weeks.  But I'm happy now.  Our book is "The Portable Sixties Reader"  it's quite good and full of information.  We are in week 7 tomorrow and we have covered a lot of information. One thing that does frustrate me is that in the 60's the west coast farm workers primarily Latinos were fighting for equal rights and now its 40 years later and it is still going on.

We saw a great documentary about it, evidently made by Steve's friend I cannot seem to find a link when I find it I'll post it. It is quite good and covers a lot about the history of Chicanos and how they got to the point where they are now. According to the documentary Mexicans are related to the Native Americans then they were mixed with Spanish blood and are the new race of Mestizo.  I learned about this of course in grade school but it is nice to have a refresher.