Friday, December 14, 2012

Maybe there is a message in all this tragedy?

Parents, Future Parents, Grand Parents and community members. A few weeks ago my son’s friend a 20 year old bright youth attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge into oncoming freeway traffic, and this week there has been both the tragedy of the shooting at our local mall as well as the horrifying shooting of today at a school - which honestly is completely beyond my comprehension. I just cannot wrap my mind around it. All 3 incidents involve young men. Perhaps there is some type of message in this that we must acknowledge? We need to connect with our children, I mean really connect. We are all so busy in our hectic lives chasing the dream or just surviving, but we must take some time to check in with our children make sure they have hope. We must assure them that it gets better. Remind them of struggles we over came at the same age. Maybe if we all practiced patience and random acts of kindness. Who knows maybe we might just help someone who is on the edge.