Thursday, December 13, 2012

Car Crash Dream

I'm working on this documentary about the Near Death Experience. Specifically about the process people who have Near Death Experiencer's go through afterwards.

Needles to say with my health declining and my focus on what happens when you die I had an AMAZING dream last week.

I wasn't me, I was someone else, speeding in a White Camaro, and I slammed into a brick wall. Immediately I felt a pop and I was floating outside of the car. No pain.

It was so vivid and I woke up wondering if that really just happened to someone. Since that day I've been wanting to describe the sensation. I think it sort of felt like being born. Like if I could remember what it feels like being born is like.  Being squished in and squeezing through a hole and popping out. Like a genie in a bottle.

I've been having sensations or memories of my Grandmothers lately. It had been awhile since I had thought about them. What keeps happening is when I'm lying in bed at night about to go to sleep I sense what it was like to be around them or as if they are near me.  I keep wondering where is my dad?  I haven't had a dream or feeling about him for quite awhile and then I was driving downtown and this song came on the radio. I started having memories about my dad flood into my mind, and then I heard the lyrics. "My Father said Don't you worry child, Heaven has a plan for you."  I really felt like that was him.

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