Friday, April 6, 2012

What would you do if you got an email from the other side?

My father used to always keep a little white handkerchief in his pocket. I remembered this yesterday when I saw a guy with a bandanna tucked into his back pocket in a perfect triangle. I thought about why someone does that and it occurred to me my father always kept a handkerchief in his pocket. Then I flashed back to the years when I would do the family's laundry and I would carefully fold his hankerchiefs, about 10-15 in quarters and stack in a neat stack for him.

It's funny the things you remember about people and how they pop into your mind.

Nearly 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday I was driving into work and in a surreal sequence of moments I had a distinct feeling of my Dad's presence. It started when I saw a truck that said Summit Construction. And that reminded me of the lake my Dad used to take my Brother and I to named Summit Lake. We actually even distributed my fathers ashes there after he was cremated back in 1999.  The 2nd part was Construction and my dads main career/business he did was construction. Together I thought it was a beautiful name, ordinary to anyone else, but beautiful to me.

And in that moment I looked up to a billboard and saw the words god and coming home, and I drove under a bridge and I had a feeling my dad was trying to tell me something. It all took place in about 1 minutes time. After I got off the Interstate and onto the bridge the feeling subsided.

I got to work, went into the office, said my hellos, and sat down at my computer.

A moment later when I opened my email I checked to see what emails came in and then for some strange reason I clicked on my spam folder. In that folder I saw to my surprise... an email from my father.

When I clicked on it I was stunned at what I saw. It said that my father had just added a mobile upload of a photo of my 2 smallest children.

 Time stood still.... What?

I didn't know how to react. I felt like crying or laughing...?

My dad was trying to reach me. I mean how much clearer does it have to be?

I've spent several days trying to figure out a logical answer? My oldest son is very techy and said there is no logical answer, just accept it for what it is Mom.

The technical details are here: A few years ago I created a Facebook page for my father, but I lost the password. The last time I had logged in was October 2010.

On the Sunday after a St. Patricks day after a  party night, I laid in bed and uploaded all the photos I had in my phone that I had been saving to facebook. One of which was a photo of June and Jimi with a guy dressed in a santa suit sitting on a ATV.

Now it seems like maybe I tagged him. B ut if that was so, why did it show the email was sent at 1:46am Tuesday morning, AND why on my page were no tags to the photo, and why didn't the email say he was tagged in a photo rather than he uploaded a photo. Also I have every single notification turned off for Facebook. I don't get emails when people do stuff on Facebook. Why did it send me an email for this one item?

I believe this was truly an email from beyond, as far as I can tell.

All I can say is, I love you Dad.