Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been having fun at my job

I am so fortunate and I seem to have the gift of timing. I'm working at a TV show of a major network since January. I'm very happy because the people I work with are wonderful and I get to meet literally hundreds of industry people. I've been offered and accepted to come back for season two. One thing people may consider a downfall is that I work in the accounting department. But for me I feel like its the perfect place to get started in the business. My supervisor is smart, knowledgeable, kind, and wishes success for each of us. My big boss is an extremely hard worker who empowers each of us to work hard and excel.

I've also gained some new female friends. I just wanted to check in and let you know that miracles are still happening.

  • The course in miracles works. 
  • We are even going in Wednesday, for a first meeting in a home buying program.
  • We have planned some getaways for the summer.
  • We can finally afford to buy stuff when we go to the mall.
  • I'm even still in college. 
But this might be the last term till the show wraps. Things are God.
I'm mean good.

Signing off from my Droid, Puerto Vallarta girl in Portland.