Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just want to say one thing

I'm feeling a little nervous, a little overwhelmed, a little moody.. and like people don't like me. and I know ... I KNOW... it all comes down to one thing... my spiritual practice... so whats my problem I must make that a priority.... I have to.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Simvastatin, weight gain and acne/rash

Update on weight gain. Its been about 2 to 2 1/2 months since I stopped taking Simvastatin and I now have lost 10 lbs without changing my eating habits.  I am not certain that Simvastatin causes weight gain, however I am certain it prevents weight loss. Since I was up to 183 and now I am at 172 with no change to my eating habits and minimal change to my exercise habits.

Another issue, since I started taking Simvastatin in May of 2010 I noticed everytime I would miss a few days of the medicine I would break out in acne and/or rash on my shoulders and sometimes face. Now that I've been off of the Simvastatin for over 2 months the rash has gone away and my normal (pre Simvastatin) skin is back. I have always had some problems with Acne but no huge rash.  The rash was very stressful and  upsetting. it was as if every cell was inflamed on my shoulders.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've been feeling more like an orphan lately

been feeling a little off, with turbulence in my relationship. My mom has been hospitalized for 3 weeks and will be moved to the State Hospital again.  And then there is this very strange feeling of being let go from a basically volunteer job I was doing. I was getting paid a small stipend of $10/hr. but as administrative I used to make over twice that so it was just a token. Anyway, Women in film has more than doubled the number board members they have, which logically you would think they needed more support but the way they look at it is to divide up the work among the board members. So I was assured it is nothing that reflects onto me personally but that they just don't have a need for me anymore... HOWEVER, it is a strange feeling being fired, regardless.

I've been laid off a few times because of mergers. And then there was the time "laid off"  was actuality fired, only 1 time. Which was due to some personality issues, as well as economical issues. So now I guess it isn't much different. Its just USUALLY I work for a place on a temporary basis and they go to extremes to keep me there, because I am a very very hard worker and take job ownership. So it sort of messes with my psychology to be let go, for a 10/hr a month job, being paid 1/2 or less of my usual rate.

The answer to my feeling of weirdness... spiritual centered ness, I turned to my course in miracles again. And I felt almost immediately better.

Halloween photos of my little ones...I don't have any photos of my big one