Friday, October 14, 2011

Does infidelity cause brain damage? My windshield is chipped, so to say. ....

So it's interesting the stages we go through of processing information.  I found out about the phone/text relationship that E established with this ex girlfriend from when he was 14 years old... She has 3 children and lives in Texas supposedly. I hope she really does live in Texas. Her phone number is a texas phone number, so I'm hoping she is still there.

And I took it well, and calm. And I surprisingly did not make a big deal about it. Which may be a bad sign.  I've always known this about myself.... when I freak out about stuff it is because I care, and when I am indifferent.. that is actually a bad sign.  At first I felt sort of indifferent. And a fews days have passed, and enrique's family is making jokes with him about how he got caught. And he is laughing about it.

I don't know if I mentioned it but that chick called my husband after I sent her a message, but here is the thing she called him on his brothers phone.... Here is her picture... Her name is Norma Samano. My little girl just said that she is pretty just now.. I saw some of her other pictures...This is the best of course.

I'm very mad at her for calling my husband after I told her I knew, and to stop contacting him. And he told me.

For some reason today, I guess my mind is mad... I felt like doing revenge... like doing the immature act of publicly sending her a message, but I resisted. And... well she isn't going to see this.. First off I don't even know if she speaks English. Anyway, as hard as I've been trying to be forgiving - I'm feeling petty and revengeful. And maybe this put a chip in my windshield and we all know, once its chipped usually it means you are going to have to replace the whole thing...

** update - does infidelity cause brain damage?  Or immaturity?  I swear I just texted this girl and told her " Say hi to your husband for me, is he cute?"  What is wrong with me?