Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This little guy was born knowing how to charm.

And the thing is he doesn't have that evil personality that some charmers do when you turn your back. I know what your thinking... how would I know your his mom.  He really is a sweet boy. Who tells ladies, "Your beautiful". Everyone loves to hear that.  He is funny he tells jokes, and does a beat box.  He always says off the wall little jokes that crack us up. He is 5 years old and concerned that I have his hair done a certain way...  But not overly concerned. He makes requests to wear certain outfits because he wants to look handsome. This is a photo from a few months ago he wanted to wear that outfit, but I made him put the white t-shirt on too.

Well, I'm writing about Jimi today because he keeps telling me he can see the future. I kind of believe him, he is one of those sensitive, patient, and understanding children. The only issue is when he is in trouble he takes it really hard, and when he is scared he freaks out.  Such as, him being a picky eater, if I say he has to have 1 bite of something that he is going to like once he tries it, for example spagetti, he will lose his mind before he takes a bite and then say,   "Oh....its yummy." That is after there has been a huge climatic argument, crying, screaming,  about that same bite.

Anyway, so he keeps telling me he can see the future. He says it like this, "Mommy, do you know, I can not only see right here but I can see in the future too".  Sometimes he explains it and I think he actually means the past? But other times he might be seeing the future, because it seems so random what he says. One day I asked what he could see and he said, "You are at your school, by the bathrooms, talking to some people".
Another issue I wanted to express is that when I do my spiritual reading everday I have a deep sense of inner peace, and when I don't, I get all sorts of strange thoughts going through my head like guilt and fear.  What ever you celebrate for spirituality remember when you feel lost, sad, insecure, or fearful, the core of it is faith. I have to continually remind myself...
Today's prediction from Jimi, in the future we will have a bathroom that is very not the current bathroom, a different one, but it is very very dark.   I'm thinking, he's in there and the powers off?

Who knows, I love my children and then grow up so fast.  Teal is 19 in college and I rarely see him.  Make time. I have to remind myself, make time to play with them.