Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank you Blockbuster for staying around. The real world vs. eworld - Blockbuster comeback

I don't really follow the stock market but - this morning I googled a thought that ran through my head. Anyone out there switch back to Blockbuster after Netflix raised their prices...? I was getting bored with Netflix anyway, so we started another 4 week free trial with Blockbuster. And you know what, I bet if you walk into a Blockbuster this evening it will be just like I experienced,  it will be hopping just like it was 2002. On Sunday night, it was busy, there was even a line to get out with 2 cashiers working. (background) The last few times (before this) I went into Blockbuster it was D E A D.  I mean, no one else in the store quiet enough to take a nap, not even music going or a movie in the background. But now its busy again.

If you don't know already when you have a Blockbuster Online Account you get your movie in the mail and then you can also exchange your movies in the store for no fee, even for new releases. And the best thing is, Blockbuster always has movies before everyone else does. Well that is how it was in the past, I hope that stays the same with Dish owning them.

To be honest, there is something fun about getting the family into the car and excitedly talking about what movie you want and then wandering around the store and physically looking for that movie you want to go home and watch that night.  It's more exciting than putting a Netflix on your queue, or watching a Netflix movie you totally get into and having it stall at the precise moment when you are dying to know what happens next.   The other thing is, it's fun, every time you get a Blockbuster movie in the mail, you are motivated to watch it sooner, because you can go to the physical store and trade it in as soon as you are done.

At this time Blockbuster doesn't have full streaming capabilities .....yet, however, I guess since Dish Network bought them it is coming soon.  But as far as the Dish Network issue.... here is my issue with the whole thing, If you are paying, what ever exorbitant fees for Dish Network, why do you need Blockbuster?  However, Dish is smart to buy Blockbuster and get those contract commitment phobes out there, like me.  Note to Dish Network, if you offered a cheaper set up fee with no annual contract or I should say no 2 year contract, I would probably have Dish Network right now instead of cable. I don't like any contract that makes you pay a fee to cancel.  Just sayin.

This idea brings up a bigger issue. Sure I buy stuff online that I can't find easily or cheaply locally. Sometimes, I don't want to drive around to 5 stores looking for something I know I can find much cheaper on or ebay. And with my free student prime membership on Amazon,  I get free 2 day shipping.  I do love option that Amazon has offered me. However, I LOVE browsing a store like say ...Target for example and buying what I see in the clearance isle, or the newest fashions or what ever. If you need something specific and you cannot find it at your local Target, but you love Targets stuff, go online and search their website, often you can find it in the clearance area. They do charge shipping for items under... I think it's $50 orders, but its often still worth it,  I bought a cute bathing suit for my daughter online on Target, which was out of season at the local Target, for only $4.98 last week, and a very cute summer dress, also out of season at the local Target for $4.98.  but they charged me 5.98 shipping, still worth it. If I bought those 2 items at the local target, *(which they are out of season so it won't be available till next year) the price would have been about $35.

At one point it seemed our world was headed to a.... everyone stays home and works in their pajamas kind of world. But that has sort of gone full circle, it works for some people, especially people who move internationally and want the US dollars. And then it also seemed like everyone started moving to a online shopping community, but honestly, some peoples only option to get out of the house is to go shopping.

I finally think, I mean forsee, that our future is not only an E world, with online shopping, online movies, and telecommuting, but it is a well balanced world where we do go out and we do interact with the world.  So Blockbuster, I know you changed owners, but I just want to say, thank you for hanging in there Blockbuster, its like getting in touch with an old friend and realizing why haven't I seen you more?

Retailers out there, be savvy, you still have a market you just have to know how to wager it. Kudos dish.

PS. Netflix, why mess up a good thing, you really messed up with the split and rasing prices. . You had that wallmart mentality going for you... now your screwed.