Sunday, October 2, 2011

na na na na na.. I have a best friend now.

So I've been back from Mexico 2 1/2  years- In 2007 right before I sold the big 5 bedroom 3 bath house,  I met a girl that lived across the street. She is a pretty little soft spoken friendly latina, who was raised in the US by an American Mother, very intelligent and articulate, and talks as fast or faster than I do.  We started becoming friends at the time, and then I moved to Mexico. Coincidentally her husband is from about 10 ish miles away from where my husband is from. (My husband is from a town outisde of Morelia, Michoacan called. El Alto de Aviles, which is outside a bigger town Called Albaro de Obregon. Accross the street from the Morelia Airport. Her husband is from Zinapecuaro about 10ish miles east of there)

Here is a google map

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While I was in Mexico I kept in touch with her loosely and then when I moved to my current apartment I moved like 1000 feet away from her house... and we have been visiting when ever I get the chance. Our children adore each other. We did water Zumba together last week, and we have been cultivating our friendship for a few months, and now... finally now... I feel like I have a best friend again. I have some other friends that I am getting to know too, but she is someone I can open up to 100% without feeling like I have to edit anything.

I've also been figuring out what friendships do not benefit me. I have one person that was supposed to be my friend, but continually ignores any requests I have, is not considerate to my feelings, blows up at me  alot.... So that's not happening anymore.

It's nice to have a best friend again. It feels really nurturing. Ever since Darcy died, I dont' have someone who I can fully confide in....

That's all for now...