Monday, October 10, 2011

Marriage has it's ups and downs photo post... soliciting relationship advice see the end of post

Within the first year....

I'm sort of down today... Ok I am not sort of down, i'm down...  Hubby and I have a long history. We actually met before my dad died. But unfortunately, E never met him.   Soooo Here we are in the first year.

Very close to when we first started seeing each other
still within the first year
This is 2002ish, just after we bought our  big house, and before he cut his hair.. sexy man. 

This is when before 2 years were up he went to mexico and I was so lost without him I drove down to central Mexico by myself... that's my car... I'm the one taking the photo of course. And this place where we were waiting, a make shift chiropractor office. those scare me...

this is just after we married. But because he went back to Mexico, he missed the deal that Clinton signed on December 20, 2000 that would have gotten us everything we wanted

Just after Junie was born....I was on Maternity Leave... 

Teal with Junie

Junie was under 2 by now I had quit my job I think.... This photo was at bagby hotsprings....  I love this... I know its risque... but it really was innocent..  My nose looks so much better when  I'm thinner.

Me pregnant with Jimi in 2006 9 month pregnant

When Jimi was born  - less than a year before we moved to mexico.

Just after we got to Puerto Vallarta...

One year there....

The Summer when I had already moved back but we went back for the summer. 

Well, the uploading feature is giving me problems -so I can't get as many posted as I wanted...... but what I am getting at is on 12/31/2011 it will have been 13 years since we first met and started seeing each other.  We had 2 years of rockiness and pretty smooth since then.

Over all its been very solid the whole time.. I hear 13 is a dificult year, but I am committed and I love him, and I am still attracted to him.  It's not easy, its not simple, I'm a hot blooded woman just like everyone else and I have people I feel attracted to, but with my marriage being strong I don't seem to have a problem keeping it in check. Here is the thing, Enrique added an ex girlfriend's sister to his facebook. I said "be careful" ,and "what are you going to do when the ex girlfriend adds you." He said it wouldn't be a problem.

Then she did of course add him, about a month ago. (I just found this out last night) Then I guess one way or another the ex girlfriend got his phone number and she lives in Texas, supposedly. And they started texting and talking on the phone... etc... So I figured that all out yesterday, because I saw her on his facebook, and I asked and (I know him VERY WELL AFTER 13 YEARS) and he lied right to my face and said that was not his ex. His ex was Nora not Norma... and I forced him to tell the truth, which little by little he did, but he would lie first until I would make him tell me the truth. And I kept offering just tell me everything, you know I know how to check up on the phone.

So I look up the texts and he was texting her like 3-8 times a day his side, and her back the same amount, and talking on the phone to her 1 to 3 times per week. And .... 

Well, what do I do? I find myself attracted to people here and there....  but I always, ALWAYS talk about my husband a lot and well, try to ignore it. 

Should I trust him? 

He say's he is really sorry, and he feels bad for not being honest and he says that he will not lie to me anymore. And I accepted my part in it. Maybe I have been focusing on my career tooo much... 

any advice anyone?