Thursday, October 20, 2011

confirmed.... Italian Mafia In Puerto Vallarta working in Time Shares

I don't want to mention the name of the resort I worked for in Mexico, for approximately 1 week. I was fired because I couldn't lie. I decided just now to google them to see the progress of their scam. No changes, hundreds of people, probably thousands of people were scammed.

But I saw this post by a new member of a forum that was discussing whether they would get their money back. It could very well be a tactic to make sure people don't fight for their money back.. who knows.. it scares me. ... (copied and pasted)

Antonio is the leader/god father. Johnathan is his son. Nico is his cousin.
Some of the other names you mentioned are his captains. He is American/Italian
Mafia and he is a sociopath, most likely a psychopath. Although he can be powerfully charming and convincing if it benefits him, he has no conscience, no morals, no principles, and is capable of most anything. All carry concealed weapons (and for good reason!) and body guards abound.

My advice is to stay away from the (name deleted) . If you knew the history and actions of these individuals, you would realize you are into something horrible. I know them better than most and if you knew what they have done to people and their money, you would be shocked.

10s of millions have been made and there will be nothing to show for it for the poor people who have invested and trusted in him.

I knew when I met the head guy that he seemed like a Mafia head.

So glad I didn't continue working for them, it was hard though.... they wanted to pay me 17,000 pesos per month. Its like about 1500 dollars a month. When most people with a college education in PV get like 5000 pesos a month. It was very cool. But it felt wrong, if they didn't fire me, I would have quit anyway.

Its just a trip to read it so plain as day. Makes me a little paranoid.