Saturday, October 1, 2011

And I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Isn't it strange when you are pretty safe confiding  your life to the internet. It's weird because I probably could type the most intimate thoughts on here and my husband would never read this blog.

I love him in many ways on many days. I heard this song Recently that reminds me ....

but the sad thing is I can write what ever I want here and even though he knows about my blog he won't read my blog. 

It's not that he cant, he can read, he is lazy. He prefers reality tv and novellas, to learning. And this is actually something I've really been worrying about. When I started college he expressed to me a worry he has.. the idea that.... one person puts the other person through college, and when they are done they leave the person who put them through college.

I thought about this and ... my opinion is... it happens because the person in the relationship who is not in college doesn't learn new things and move forward. 

and that is what I am worried about right now... Yet... I drove 3100 miles to be with him..  and he did the same for me....  but can I find what I'm looking for?  Sometimes I feel like I am satisfied with my life wherever I am... And other times I feel like I keep so busy that maybe I am looking for something.