Monday, September 19, 2011

Karma test today - met a blind man who was lost

What an amazing day this turned out to be. I have been trying to tie up all sorts of lose ends and get little things done since I'm out of class for a few weeks. I ended up running around all day and I started feeling tired and ill as the weather got nicer and nicer. My husband comes home and says we are all going for a bike ride. He is so sweet. I wanted to get out of the house before Winter sets in again.... so reluctantly I did.

Oh the oxygen.

Ahhh it is so nice to be out on a nice summer(ish) eve and ride bikes with the family. So we go to the community center and check on getting a family pass, they have quite the deal. A family pass for $54 per month, includes swimming and group exercize. They even have zumba - and zumba in the water - which I looked up and does not look quite as graceful, but probably much more my speed.

So anyway, we played 2 games of Foosball - it was Jimi and Enrique against June and I, and June and I almost won both games, which is a first for us. Usually Enrique kicks our butt(s). It ended up being 1 to 1 and lots of victory dances and victory laps and yelling in victory and all that. So we leave the community center, and walk around the track a few times.. Ok I'm lying we walked around the track one time. and then we decided to head back. June found someones backpack outside, so we sent her to turn it in at the Community Center.  We get on our bikes and head back. Were zooming down the street on our bikes and we were on the sidewalk because the street was narrow and cars lined the streets. And June was ahead of me.  I saw a lady coming and a blind man seeming a little confused. I told June to get off the sidewalk and she does. And the blind man sat down, and grabbed his knees and started rocking back and forth.  We approached and I tried to say as politely as possible "Do you need any assistance?"
He stood up and said he was trying to get back to Russellville commons. Which happened to be across the street.  I said if he wanted I could walk him accross the street. But he insisted that he wanted to go back to where he started and then start over and would I mind walking with him to the main street so he can start over and I could be his eyes and explain some things to him.

So my entourage was my husband pushing 2 bikes and my children and I walked with Tim  back to the main street so he could figure out how he had gotten messed up.   It took quite awhile. But I am certain it helped him immensely and for some reason I really felt a sense of accomplishment. Isn't that weird. A single random act of kindness feels me with a huge sense of accomplishment.

** note: I just remembered the reason I was inspired to write this is because I wanted to help Tim get a gps system, which he said he could not afford. If someone reads this and knows please comment.

I just want to say thank you god for this opportunity.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland