Friday, August 19, 2011

When I started this blog - it was to connect me to people

At the time I was in Mexico and feeling very disconnected. Now its been a few years nearly 3 years. And I feel like I want to write anonymously again, but I can't. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about my life and how it is very essential that I do my spiritual practice, but I get so caught up with all the BS that I often forget, and I start feeling depleted. The Course in Miracles really helps me, but still I feel like I am missing something, which is the writing. Its like a strange catch 22. I have the blog to journal. but the journal isn't private anymore. And there is too much at stake to tell everything. but I still yearn to create, i still yearn to make music, to dance, to be sexy. I met my husband December 31, 1998, and now its nearly 13 years later, and I still want to have fun, and be crazy and do fun stuff. And I've been under way too much stress for a few weeks. Guess what else is freaky, a talented girl who just graduated from my school in the film department is getting a job working in a restaurant. You know what? I know too well the take the job to get by. Its a mistake. I think when you graduate college you shouldn't take jobs to get by you should take entry level jobs instead. That way at least you'll be in the right industry.

Well, I have some editing I have to do, and some homework. And I just helped my mom move from one facility to a nursing home.

busy busy busy.