Saturday, June 4, 2011

be careful what you think about

So I haven't had time to write everytime I do a lesson but I've done a few more. I'm on lesson 23.  But look what happened. The other day I was meditating and trying to heal all this illness in my body,  2 days later guess what happens my back goes out. It reminds me of the fact that they say, what ever you think about manifests in your life.  What I am saying is , the universe doesn't care if you say heal health problems... it only hears health problems. So rather than focusing on healing any toxins in my body, I should have been focusing on health. And visualizing myself healthy and thriving. No i'm laid up with a back pain , that pain medicine isn't even getting rid of it. Also I missed the Fashion Show that I was supposed to be part of the film crew as a fixer/floater. But here is the short I produced and edited that is playing at the fashion show, as an introduction to the designers.