Monday, June 20, 2011

my daily lessons

Well obviously I have not been doing the daily lessons. Its just too much work and after I got into it I found out, even though it is remarkable the transformations that happen, those transformations are highly personal and so much out there, that writing about them is sort of ... hypocritical and not really in alliance with what the Course in Miracles in teaching... therefore I am going to surrender my blog back to my normal nonsense.


Puerto Vallarta girl in Portland

Monday, June 6, 2011

Opening sequence for my new webshow - Weird in P-town

I'm still editing the show but this will be the opening title sequence.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

be careful what you think about

So I haven't had time to write everytime I do a lesson but I've done a few more. I'm on lesson 23.  But look what happened. The other day I was meditating and trying to heal all this illness in my body,  2 days later guess what happens my back goes out. It reminds me of the fact that they say, what ever you think about manifests in your life.  What I am saying is , the universe doesn't care if you say heal health problems... it only hears health problems. So rather than focusing on healing any toxins in my body, I should have been focusing on health. And visualizing myself healthy and thriving. No i'm laid up with a back pain , that pain medicine isn't even getting rid of it. Also I missed the Fashion Show that I was supposed to be part of the film crew as a fixer/floater. But here is the short I produced and edited that is playing at the fashion show, as an introduction to the designers.